“How To Get Organized” Kindle e-Book! Free Through Saturday!

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How To Get Organized e-book

Get our “How To Get Organized” Kindle e-Book! FREE Through Saturday, February 28th! 

Get the How To Get Organized e-book here!

Having trouble getting it all done? The secret is in better planning but what do you do when the plans don’t work?

How To Get Organized is an easy to follow step by step guide designed to help you organize your time better. It includes pre-made schedules and lists along with information to help you make your own customized schedules to fit your family and your life!

You’ll learn:

  • How to make a schedule and stick to it
  • How to make a schedule that works well with your personality type
  • How to make a schedule that gets the job done without being over-complicated
  • How to schedule daily or weekly tasks along with monthly and seasonal projects
  • See my daily routine when I had kids at home and how to deal with babies and illness when your schedule flies out the window.

Try “How To Get Organized” and make a schedule that really works for you! Get it for FREE through Saturday, February 28th!

Get the How To Get Organized e-book here!


This ebook is formatted specifically for the Amazon Kindle Readers and can be viewed on many popular e-book readers. If you don’t have a portable reader, you can download a free program from Amazon.com that enables you to read Kindle ebooks on your PC or Mac.

Find the PC Version of the reader here.

Find the Mac version of the reader here.


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