Useful Household Tips and Kids’ Tips

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Household Tips/Kids

Useful Household Tips and Kids’ Tips

Here are a few miscellaneous useful household and kids’ tips from Dining on a Dime and our e books.


  • Clean the bathroom sink and toilet while the kids are taking a bath.
  • If you are late getting dinner started, set the table first. Then your kids and husband think dinner is on the way and they won’t get impatient.
  • To help kids make their beds easier, buy sleeping bags to match the decor in their bedrooms. Then they only have to straighten the sleeping bag instead of a lot of blankets. Also, when they need a sleeping bag, they have one. 
  • If stuffed animals are dirty, throw them in the washer on the gentle cycle. They come out looking great.
  • Make a box with each child’s name on it. Put each child’s clean laundry in the respective box and then have them put away their own laundry.
  • Make your life and your child’s easier and keep some things on their level. For example I keep little glasses in a bottom cabinet. That way my little ones can get it out of the cabinet themselves instead of me having to reach one for them all the time or even worse them dragging a chair over and climbing up to try to get their own.


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  1. Debi says

    How do you recommend cleaning white spots from wood furniture? It is good wood and old as in antique.

    Love reading your blog and have copies of Penny Pinchin’ Mama and Dining on a Dime.

    • says

      Debi the 2 main methods I have heard about are to lay a white t shirt or towel on the stain and iron over it with an iron using lots of steam. This method seems crazy but it seems to work most of the time. Another way is to mix 2 parts of mayo with 1 part baking soda or ash if you don’t have baking soda. Rub it into the wood and let it set for 30 mins or so. Doesn’t have to be exact. Then buff it well.

      I have had a lot of antiques and sometimes buffing with Old English polish or Liquid Gold really hard would help with many different things.
      Of course all of these methods are trial and error just because what type of wood and finish you are using can make a difference in the results. Often we don’t know what finishes antiques have on them so we just have to guess and try.

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