Homemade Christmas Present Idea- Corkboards and Clipboards

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Homemade Christmas Presents – Corkboards and Clipboards

I found these two ideas on Pinterest. There wasn’t a credit as to where they came from so if you know let me know but I just had to share. Aren’t these a really cute idea?  

All you need is some old picture frames and cork which you can buy by the roll or sheet at Lowe’s, Hobby Lobby or any place like that. 

Then just take out the glass in the frame. Spray paint the frame the color you want. Then just glue some of the corkboard onto a the back of the frame, you know the piece that was holding in the glass. 

Then you can leave it as is or cover with some pretty fabric, and put it back in the frame. Easy, easy!!




For this one they just painted the frames and covered the back board of the picture frame with fabric and then glued on a clip. So cute but each of these costs less than $2 to make if you find the frames used at the thrift store! Tawra





  1. Melva says

    This is a great idea! You can use a school theme fabric & give as Christmas presents to your child’s teachers. I’m a elementary school teacher and I know I’d love to receive one as a gift. What makes it even more special is that it’s handmade. Thanks Tawra & Jill for all your great suggestions . I’ve used several gift basket ideas from your book. My friends have really liked them.

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