Homemade Christmas Present Idea- Button Art

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Mom found these last year and made one on a pillow for us last Christmas and I just LOVE it!!!

Here are several other button art ideas you could do for Christmas presents. It’s so super simple!

All you do is:

  1. Print out the letter you want on your computer in a super big font and the kind of font you want.
  2. Cut it out.
  3. Trace it on your fabric.
  4. Lay out your buttons in the pattern that you want.
  5. Carefully set your buttons to the side in the same order. (You may want to make another template to set them on next to your project.)
  6. Start sewing the buttons on in order.
  7. You’re done!

Here are several examples of some I found. All of them would be easy to do and so cute! Tawra


From: etsy.com


From: etsy.com

From: weheartit.com/


From: americancrafts.typepad.com/



From: www.buttonjunction.co.uk



  1. Grandma says

    if you have grandchilren or neices you could make them for a door to their rooms.
    would you stop posting these cute ideas. I like so many and will not have time to do them before it is box up and send them.
    I actually have started my christmas presents buying.
    I have 2 hand crotcheted couch throws. A friend does them and donates them to the hospital fund raisers.
    she has to go way out of town for surgery and I think they need the money more than the hospital so I asked if I could buy them both. so if I give her $50 for both I would have one heck of a deal but I will give her $100 instead to make the trip a bit easier on their pocket book, which is not very big.
    so I feel good I have 2 gifts bought and I give her a gift as well.
    win win win.
    just don’t know who I will give the 2nd one to. the first will go to my mom.

  2. Grandma says

    I can’t walk today so I am working on my christmas knitting. To help I went to you tube and I found Tennessee Ernie Ford and here is a video that will have everyone chuckling because they have done similar things with your own children. I love that little boy I think his name is David.
    got 6 more barbie outfits done in the past 2 weeks now I am working on a bright amber yellow e reader carrier. Had to make it bright as when I set down a black thing it blends in so well that I lose it.
    can’t lose amber yellow. I tried for flouresent but didn’t have enough.
    have a good day.

  3. Cindy Jones says

    What a wonderful idea!! I have been trying to come up with some type of embellishment for my Christmas stockings (I crochet them). I wanted to make them more personal for the kids in my family. I have loads of buttons!! Thank you!! I follow your newsletter daily since I became a stay-at- home farm wife. LMA (Life More Abundantly), Cindy Jones, Bennett, NC

      • says

        For those of you who do sew (Ha!Ha!) – when you make these if you want to add a little extra to it and depending on your color scheme – sew some buttons on with different colored thread and sew them on with a combination of an x through the holes or parallel lines.

        You can also hot glue or sew a smaller button (or bead) on top of a larger one for more dimension.

  4. Marsha Fullington says

    Grandma, have to tell you, I enjoyed the clip on Tennessee Ernie Ford. Yes I did chuckle and that man could sing. Watched him every week when I was growing up. Love the web site and enjoy reading all comments. Thanks everybody.

  5. Grandma says

    a bit off topic but still gifts.
    as I said in the first post I purchased 2 crocheted afgans.
    My neice got married in Sept. but I couldn’t go to the wedding. I am thinking of giving her one of them as a wedding gift.
    They are a large granny square and very colourful as my friend used up bits and pieces of left over yarn. size is about 4’X4′ so a couch throw I guess.
    I will add a gift card to the M&M store for $50.
    M&M is a frozen food grocery store Canada only. They are kind of expensive but they have lots of frozen stuff that would make it easier for her since both she and her husband work shifts. She is a phsic nurse and I don’t know what he does.
    Is this an appropriate gift or should I think of something else?

    • says

      I think this gift is really nice. So often a person gets doubles of things like toasters, crock pots and things like that but I know when I got married I would have loved to get a gift card for a grocery store. It helps give you a jump start and it is something you can really use plus giving it along with the afghan they have something to remember you by too. Great idea.

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