Thanksgiving Treats – Easy Homemade Butterfinger Recipe

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homemade butterfinger recipe with candy corn

Easy Homemade Butterfinger Recipe And Thanksgiving Party Mix

It may seem a little early to be thinking about Thanksgiving but I wanted you to get these great recipes before the Halloween candy goes on sale. The homemade Butterfinger recipe is especially delicious and easy to make! Pick up your candy for these treats the day after Halloween and save. These are great for Halloween and tailgating too.

Thanksgiving Party Mix

I am giving you a list of things to start with but you can add or take away from it t suit your own needs. This is similar to a Chex Mix recipe but it includes fall colors and requires much less work. Put this mix in a glass bowl with a fall bow on it for a festive feel. It is something different for everyone to munch on while waiting for dinner or watching the football game.

Mix these ingredients together in any amounts:

Cheez Its
Pretzel squares
Reese’s Pieces
Candy corn
Honey Nut Cheerios

I haven’t tried some combinations of possible ingredients yet. You might try adding caramel corn or cheese balls for a more interesting flavor.

The following homemade Butterfinger recipe is probably the easiest candy I have ever made. It’s one of the only candies that truly tastes like the real thing!

Homemade Butterfinger Candy Recipe

Mix equal parts of peanut butter and candy corn.  Microwave on high for about 1 minute, stirring until they are melted together. Let it cool just a minute or so – enough so you can handle it. Then form into bars or bite size pieces. You can dip it into chocolate but you don’t have to.

Note: This has a very unusual consistency so don’t panic if it feels and looks strange. It is very easy to work with and form into shapes like you would dough, so you can easily make it into any shape you want like balls or squares. The longer it sets and cools, the more it becomes flaky like Butterfinger candy bars.

Photo By: Andrew Malone


  1. Bea says

    I made the Homemade Butterfingers and they are SO good and taste just like the store bought ones. Incredible. I even melted the stuff slowly on the stove and didn’t have a problem. WIth a little chocolate coating they would be a good Christmas gift. Even without for that metter.

    • says

      Aren’t those good Bea. What I was the most surprised about was they have that same texture as only butterfingers have. I couldn’t believe it.

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