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Hey everyone, It’s Tawra. I have to admit it– I’ve always been organizationally challenged. I’ve been in a big organizing frenzy lately and I’m finding myself a bit overwhelmed by the fact that our entire office has been scattered across the rest of the house while I’m “organizing”. LOL! (That’s why mom is in charge of our organizing articles!)

Then my friend Maria Gracia reminded me that being neat does not equal being organized!

I felt vindicated when, in her next breath she told me that people are not born organized– it is something you can learn AND it will help you save time immediately.

I am always looking for fresh, new strategies to keep the clutter at bay AND to find more time in my day. I am betting you are too.

If you want help getting organized, whether your issue is clutter, time, or space this complimentary video is for you:

Whether you are a ‘collector’ (um I think the TLC network refers to them as HOARDERS), you have a TO DO list that never ends, or you are just plain overwhelmed, this video Maria put together will help you see both getting and staying organized in a totally new way.

It’s free and it’s definitely worth your time to check out. Maria calls it her…

Top Organizing Secrets–Revealed!

…and I am excited to share it with you

It includes fantastic information, including Maria’s 5 Organizing T’s…Ticklers, Timers, Tidbits, Tools and Treats…plus Maria reveals her top secrets of living an organized, happy life.

If you feel like you are always working, working, working but your TO DO list never gets any shorter and you have no time for yourself, the people you want to see, or the things you want to do… then this video is for you!

Be sure to check it out at

Here’s to getting organized!


P.S. In the video, you’ll also learn about Maria’s wonderful ‘I’m Finally Organized’ resource… which makes it super-simple to have a well organized life! She’s offering it to our readers at an incredibly low price, along with tons of bonuses.

Plus, if you grab yourself a copy BEFORE FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 20TH at 11:59 PM CST, you will also get Maria’s newest eBook:

50 Super-Cool Ways to Organize Your Home and Your Life

Watch the video all the way through for all the juicy details… and, of course, for the wonderful concepts and tips you can start applying today!

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