How to Haul the Frugal Way

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My brother sent me these. These are so funny! What’s funny is it’s just like something I would do. I am forever coming home from garage sales with stuff strapped on or in the car. One time, I stuffed a rototiller in the back of the car. It didn’t fit and I had to leave the trunk open, so I tied a rope around it. HA! It’s a good thing I only had about a mile to go because that thing was going to roll out at any minute. My neighbor just shook his head when he saw me driving up.

Another time, my Dad and Mike were building a greenhouse for me. It was 16’x20′ and they needed some really long boards. They tied them on the sides of my dad’s small pick-up and then had to climb in the WINDOWS to get in the car! LOL That was right after we were married. Mike got initiated into my family’s “make do” in hauling methods really quickly. :-)

Mike always knows it’s not a good sign when I go out “garage saleing”, say I will be gone a couple of hours and I’m back in 15 minutes to “unload”. hehehe

Enjoy! These are just too funny!



Hey, I strapped it down.


No problem, I can see through the holes.


Who needs a truck?

#3549 in the 10,000 uses for Duct Tape



  1. Sandy Lewis says

    These are so funny – but I’ve done things like this, too… necessity is the Mother of Invention, right? Thank you for the laugh!

  2. Anonymous says

    Reminds me of the very first garage sale I ever had. This family came in with just a small car. There were 6 adults in the car. It has been too long for me to remember what the car was, but it was small, I think it was a Vega. They brought all of my baby items, the bed too. They drove off with the men holding the bed to the top of the car. The windows rolled down, just their arms holding the baby bed to the roof..looked so funny. I cried I laughed so hard. Roxie

  3. Anonymous says

    These are just wonderful!! When my husband and I rented our first apartment we needed a refrigerator. We only had a small hatchback – he removed the hatchback and with help loaded the refrig, bought used from someone upgrading, upright into the car. Looked odd, but a great deal.

  4. Stephanie Stewart says

    That is hilarious! I sure would have loved to see your car with a tiller in the trunk! lol The things we do for bargains, huh?


  5. Anonymous says

    ROFL!! These remind me of the days when i was newly divorced furnishing my apt…you’d be surprised what you could get into the hatchback of an 88 ford escort!

  6. grizzly bear mom says

    When I was 13 years old the NJ turnpike authority seized my neighborhood’s homes by eminent domain. We ordered 3 house kits from manufacturers. My first day of school we unloaded 2 BOXCARS of houses pieces, and as a neighborhood built 3 houses. We worked so hard I regularly would carry 60 pound buckets of spackle with one hand. We piled so much drywall on the floor of our unconstruction home that the floor sagged and we had to put a jack under it. As soon as possible at age 17 I joined the USAF to do less work. I think that I have a lot of the health problems (breathing, etc.) from the dirty work on my parent’s house.

  7. grizzly bear mom says

    In other words, these photos are of amaturers. If you want to move a load quickly, have a bunch of kids.

  8. Darlagardens says

    I’ve done these kind of things — trip to Lowes for boards that did not fit in trunk — just stuck them thru back window and angled toward front — only stuck out a little. Also put bicycles in trunk and tied shut. One time loaded wood pellet bags a bit too heavy for the car with bumper almost dragging. I was really impressed by the swing set…LOL!

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