Mother’s Day Card :)!

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I just had to share the card Mike and the kids got me for Mother’s Day. It’s priceless!

Good moms let their kids lick the beaters. Great moms turn the mixer off first.

LOL! I just about died laughing! I hope you had a great Mother’s Day!


I, too, hope you all had a super wonderful great day! Has there ever been a generation of kids who didn’t always want to lick the beaters and the bowl? It is like they are born with this desire in them. I remember when I was little I swore up and down when I grew up the first thing I was going to do was make a huge bowl of cookie dough or cake batter and eat the whole thing.  I haven’t done it yet but maybe I will for my next birthday just for fun. HA!HA! 



photo by: helloturkeytoe


  1. Phyllis says

    Now that’s funny!
    I didn’t get a funny card but I sure do appreciate the cards I do get! I know the sentiments written on the card touched my child and my husband and I am so grateful! We have come through a really bad 4 years and have 3 more to go before we are out of debt, Lord willing.

  2. Harriet says

    I grew up always wanting to lick the beaters, and my mom would let me, but she’d say “Not too much–uncooked flour and butter and eggs aren’t good for you.” Now I also have CFS, so I don’t bake as much as Mom did. My daughter, who’s 13, loves to bake. When I ask if she’s finished with the beaters, she tells me “You know, that’s uncooked eggs. That’s bad for me.” I get it from both generations!

  3. flutemom says

    that is hilarious!! i love it! i still sometimes bake when my girls aren’t around, so i can lick the beaters all by myself….

  4. jill says

    I know just what you mean. I get to scrape the whole bowl too and at Christmas I clean out the two pans I made fudge in all by myself too. Completely guilt free. : )

  5. Grizzly Bear Mom says

    Everyone loves uncooked batter. Why do you think they invested chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream? It couldn’t have been just for me.

  6. Michelle says

    Love it! My daughter is grown & she grew up licking the beaters. Her new husband has a fit when she does it! (We all know how his mother raised him.) She & I get a good laugh about how she only licks the beaters when he’s not looking. On another note, I have a husband who stalks the kitchen, waiting for the beaters!! It is truly the small things in life that bring such joy & laughter. Have a wonderful day, ladies!

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