Halloween Decoration Idea- Milk Jug Ghosts

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I found the cutest milk jug ghosts and they will cost you $1 or less!!! They are so cute! Check here out here at  dollarstorecrafts.com.




  1. Bea says

    They are so cute. Too cute to be scary, which is more the way I like things, and that website looks interesting too.

  2. Ric says

    Take this a couple steps further by adding a hat to cover the spout. Mount on a T shaped wooden frame and put old clothes on it for a light up head scarecrow.

  3. Grandma says

    Can’t get milk jugs in Ontario we sell milk in bags.
    But the big litre pop bottles turn out much the same way.
    Fill them with some water and hang them from a clothes line type rope. They wave in the wind and look great if you leave out the water.
    This is one that I wouldn’t recommend as an adult but as kids we loved it.
    We lived in a big old house that was considered haunted as it was empty for years before we moved in. Withces and bats in the attic and monsters in the basement.
    The first halloween my father sat on the roof over the porch with a basket ball covered in a sheet attached to a fishing pole.
    When kids came along he would sometimes let it down and it really did look like a ghost.
    Kids liked it but they would scream and run. Sometimes he would get it down as kids came to the door but others he would let it down after they had gotten their candy.
    The thing was that some ran so fast they lost their candy which was why he only did it the one year.
    We went out the next morning and raked up candy from all over the yard.
    We always had lots of trick or treaters because they never knew what to expect.
    One lady went around the block to the side door and told my mother that my dad was out dropping my baby sister off the roof.
    Just have to be imaginative and you can come up with lots of ways to make things spooky but safe.

  4. rose says

    forgot to mention .. tonite my daughter and i were driving to her house .. and lo and behold .. the walkway to her front door .. there was a bunch of those ghost milk jugs . heehhehe 😀 .. really cute looking too .. 😀 ..

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