Grandma’s Recipe Cards

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I love all kinds of old things. When one of my favorite sites Remodalaholic  had this project to frame old recipe cards I just had to share it. What a cool idea!!! I will have to some this with some of mom’s recipes since we don’t need her recipe cards anymore thanks to a several thousands copies of Dining on a Dime!

LOL Tawra

Oh, I just found another one to use those ugly bread boxes! How cool! I’m on the look out for one or two now!



I was looking at my recipes the other day. Boy what fond memories I have in looking at those. I have recipes in my grandma’s writing, my mom’s, aunts and many other friends and family members.

I will some day pass my recipe box on to my granddaughters. I know many of my recipes are in Dining on a Dime but some how it isn’t the same as my recipes in their box with all the years of splatters and love smeared all  over them.

I feel so sad because now everyone loves the convenience of putting things on their computers and I know it is easier but holding that recipe my grandma or mom wrote for me brings cooking for me to a whole ‘nother level.



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  1. Ann says

    This made me cry…happy tears. I’ve just lost both of my grandmothers in the last 6 weeks. My mom asked what I wanted from my Grandma’s house as a momento. All I want is a recipe card in her hand writing so I can remember her by. I’m going to frame it and hang it in my kitchen with a pic of her in it too.

  2. rose says

    sorry to hear of ur loss ann .. but its a great idea what you mentioned ..
    i did the same thing for the kids .. when my ex mom in law died i saved 2 of her old recipe cards for the kids and will do the same as u .. frame it with a picture of her and grandpa …

  3. Donna Friend says

    You can take well loved recipe cards if you have quiet a few of them & decopage them on to a small table.Put a good coat of polyurethane on & see them often on a useful object.

  4. barb~ says

    I agree with you about loving recipe cards. I have many like yours-stained, torn, scribbled on by my 2 kids when they were small, etc. They are like love letters to me now….written by hand with love, from someone I love!

  5. Rachel says

    This post has given me another idea. I have at least 20 cookbooks on a shelf in our office, a few more packed away in our attic. But I also have 2 recipe boxes on my kitchen counter, with just a few recipes in these. Each cookbook has two or three recipes that I use on a regular basis. I really should copy these onto cards and put in the boxes. If anything were to happen to me, my kids would have those recipes in one place. they are always calling to ask, how do you make this or that.

  6. says

    I just saw this post and I agree that the handwritten recipes are precious. In one of my cookbooks I have my grandmother’s original lemon pie recipe, written in her handwriting, and next to it I have a picture of her in her kitchen with a lemon pie. Simple things like somebody’s handwritten recipe really can become a treasure.

  7. LAC says

    I now have a good use for my old bread box! My weekend project will be to get it in shape for an info center near my phone! How cool!

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