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Hanging garden tools - gardening tips

From: Kris

  • Spray Paint your garden tools’ handles a neon color. That way, if you forget to pick them up or drop them along the way, when you look out over the garden you will easily spot and them. This will help you make sure they’re not left out to rust, which can save you the money you might otherwise spend having to buy new ones.


  • Here’s a great tip for that old golf bag you were going to toss in the garbage. Why not use it to store all your gardening tools like hoes, rakes, brooms, etc. Not only will this keep them neat and tidy but the golf bag makes it handy to carry around with you.

            Thanks, Tracy!


  • Many of us know to put coffee grounds on our plants but do you know, I put my old brewed coffee on plants as well. I swear by it!

            -Beverly B.

I’ve never tried this since I don’t drink coffee but I hear it works well.


(From Mike: Just make sure it’s black coffee! I used to work in an office with a lady who dumped her coffee on her plant at the end of the day. One day, everyone in the office noticed a terrible smell that persisted for days after that. Finally, we went searching for the cause of the smell and found out that the creamer from her coffee had spoiled in the plant pot! We learned a big lesson that day! 😉


Photo By: Barefoot in Florida


  1. Karen Fritts says

    Is there anyway to kill Japanese beetles? We used chemacles
    last year but they still ruined my rose bush’s.

  2. Pat says

    put your banana peels under your rose bushes. Roses just love them. If you feel you need to, cover with a little mulch for looks.

  3. says

    new to composting and gardening in general. But willing to learn.
    I don’t recall as a kid whether mom put the rhubarb leaves in the compost.
    I was going to but a friend says that it is poison and I shouldn’t.
    Is she right. I know no animal products and dairy is also a no no. But rhubarb I wouldn’t have figured that.

    • says

      Grandma you can put rhubarb leaves in the compost. The poison or what really is a toxin that is in the rhubarb completly breaks down when composted and disappears. Many gardeners have composted the leaves for years – Tawra too – and haven’t had any problem because like I said the toxin disappears when composted.

      Here are 2 links from our website on composting for those of you who need it:

      How to compost-make composting easy

      Things you can put in the compost

  4. says

    thanks Jill. went to one of the sites and found the answer to another question.
    Wasn’t sure about the drier lint but I can. Mine some days is more cat hair than lint so that will be good.
    Another question but totally off topic.
    Have you ever heard of rhubarb pickles.
    From the rhubarb leaves you can guess I have started getting rhubarb and it will continue for a couple months. I usually just stew it with pineapple chunks and bananas but the same friend sent me a site and it has all sorts of rhubarb recipes. Pickles rhubarb I have never heard of.
    How about you or any readers.

    • says

      I haven’t heard of it myself but I do know you can pickle almost any vegetable and fruit. You can do cauliflower, watermelon and of course there are pickled eggs to so I think you can pickle rhubarb too.

  5. says

    read the recipe and it sounds pretty good. I may try it. I usually end up with so much that I just keep cutting and tossing it in the freezer. just used up the last of the frozen from last year the other day.
    I love stewed rhubarb but want to try the pickles just for a change.

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