Homemade Garden Bench

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So I am so excited to get going on my new yard that I am trying to keep myself from going out and start digging in the snow. :-)  Of course, that would be a little hard since the ground is frozen so, to keep myself from going crazy, I’ve been looking all over pinterest.

Well, I ran into this project that I know I am going to have to try!!! I had to sell my garden bench when we moved and this would be just too cute to replace it!! Now I know what I can do with some of the dumpster dived wood we’ve been collecting!  You can see how they did it here at studiogblog.com but I think it originally came from junkmarketstyle.com




  1. rose says

    i like that chair .. its pretty .. and different, too 😀 .. was it hard to put together? .. whats the thing holding the legs together? .. just curious ;D

  2. says

    Just make sure when you are painting it to plastic coat it. The rain will penetrate the paint over the season and will start to rot the wood.
    So use plastic paint it will last a lot longer with less maintenance.
    Or you could use old metal chairs if you can find some that are just sitting doing nothing. They used to be all the rage for patio sets. metal frame work with glass for table tops.

  3. grizzly bear mom says

    When i first saw the photo I thought that you had just screwed the three chairs together. I like that look too, without new paint for the shabby chic look.

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