Frugal Presents – Beyond Reusing and Recycling

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Frugal Presents – Beyond Reusing and Recycling

We were talking two weeks ago to my grandparents about birthday presents. We bought BJ a new bike for his birthday. He had outgrown his old one and I found a really nice one for cheap! That was his only present from us but he loves it.

My grandparents were saying that when my uncle was little my grandfather would repaint the bike, put on a new handle bar, new cushions and add something new like a bell. They then gave the same bike to my uncle and he thought he had a new bike every year!

They did this for several years! What a hoot! I have done some things sort of similar but not like that! I love it! :-)


BTW, this was my mom’s folks who are very frugal too.


photo by: ricoslounge


  1. Anonymous says

    I do simple things like make new Barbie clothes for my grand daughter. She has more Barbie dolls than any child needs, so I don’t really replace the dolls with a new doll…

    I also have repainted a grandson’s older bike, put a bell on it and a new seat and gave it to the younger grandson. He did not know it was not new…He thought it was. I never told him other wise.

    This is Roxie in Texas. So glad your daughter is doing well. Hope your sale is a blow out sale.

    Happy Thanksgiving. Roxie

  2. Anonymous says

    It’s great that you found a bike that was nice and cheap. New ones can be pretty pricy, and it’s hard to find a used one that isn’t completely falling apart.

  3. Amy says

    It’s good that you could find one inexpensively. The goodwills around where we are price their bikes almost as high as walmart does (within about $10 or so)

  4. says

    one place to find used bikes for almost free in our area is to go to the police auctions.
    they hold them in the spring though. They fix up bikes that have been donated or seized when the bikes are stolen and people have already gotten new ones or are never found.
    they are in top shape and you bid on them. Some go for $5. these are the ones for smaller children who out grow them quickly.
    Another man fixes up bikes that are donated and makes them into specialized bikes for children with disabilities. He then gives them to the child at birthdays and Christmas. People donate bikes, parts and offer some help in the building of them.
    Check with your area service providers and you may be surprised at what you find out there.

  5. Pat says

    As you know I am a golden oldie! LOL, but this reminded me of my 12th Christmas. I wanted a doll, a record player, and a 2 wheel bike. Well, we had just moved in our home a week before Christmas, Mom and Dad had gotten me a doll, and then they had to buy a bed for their room ( they had been sleeping on a bed chesterfield before this). They had their choice of a portable record player or something else, they took the player. Next a friend of my Dad’s Called and asked if he could use an old bike for me as they had a new to them home and there was an old bike in the garage he wanted to get rid of. So Dad went over and they painted it and went over it and I got a new bell on it. So come Christmas morning there were all three things I wanted under the tree! I had never had so much in one Christmas, and I have never had a better Christmas since! I have had far more expensive Christmas’s and more Elaborate ones, and great ones with the Girls growing up. But that was the best of the best! The only gift Mom bought was the Doll, the rest just appeared as she later told me.
    I’m Glad you were able to get your Son a bike, I’m sure he will love riding it! Getting that treasure you wished for makes for lasting memories.
    Thanks for the memories, that came from reading your post.

  6. CindyB says

    My granddaughter’s other grandfather changed her brother’s blue bike to pink by wrapping the metal parts with pink duck tape. Granddaughter loves it

  7. Mary Jane says

    When my husband and I were a young couple with two very small children, we tried to stretch our dollars as far as possible. We had found good quality toys at yard sales, that needed a bit of refurbishing….a wooden doll’s cradle that needed a coat of paint, and some new bedding, toy trucks that needed paint and a couple of crochet doll kits that needed to be made up. (I didn’t yet know how to crochet, but pretty much taught myself on that project). After freshening up the toys we were feeling very proud of our accomplishments and very excited for our kids. (My husband grew up in a home where celebrating Christmas was treated like a burden. I grew up with parents with addiction problems.) Our delight at our accomplishments was squashed, when other young couples from our church asked what we were doing for Christmas. When we told them about what we had done on a budget, we were ridiculed and snickered over. We have usually kept our Christmas strategies to ourselves ever since. What a pleasure it is to find ‘our people’ at this website again. It is worth saying that being thoughtful and frugal has spared us ever having a Christmas on a credit card, and no regrets in January. If you give something presented in a way that you would like to receive as a gift, you will never go wrong.

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