Frijoles a la charra

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pinto bean burrito recipe

Frijoles a la charra

From Lindsey F.

Heat 6 cans of pinto beans with half a can of water over medium high heat, until hot. (It’s ok if it boils.) Add a sprinkle of dried cilantro and a can of tomatoes with green chilies.  Stir and serve with tortillas or corn bread.


If I was a bean eater I would try this because it sounds so good and easy. Super inexpensive too. I will definitely give this to my daughter-in-law who loves beans.



Photo By: Jason Lam


  1. Holly Urbach says

    I make all of my beans- pintos, kidney, black beans in my crockpot. I just rinse the beans, put them in the crockpot, and add a lot of water. Cook overnight and they are ready in about ten to twelve hours.

    I am making black bean soup tonight from beans I cooked in my crockpot on Saturday.

  2. Elizabeth says

    Just found your blog. This bean soup one of our favoritse in my family. However we like to add chopped bacon or ham. Also, I have heard of some people adding a can of their favorite beer. This is also good with spanish rice. I add the spanish rice to the bowl and bean right on top.

  3. Rachel says

    Beans and rice! My husband is from Louisiana and that is a staple for their diet. I was raised in Florida, so a bit different for me. I make burritos with a little ground beef, a can of pinto beans, and a can of enchilada sauce. Heat all of that, then fill a tortilla and wrap. Lay all in a pan, cover with all of the mixture you have left and top with cheddar cheese and back. My husband loves it, and I love any Mexican food, so we have this quite a bit.

  4. phil says

    This sounds delicious. Would it be cheaper to use dried beans? Also, think it would be alright to add some chili powder, oregano and maybe some dried chipolte chili pepper powder?

    • says

      You can add anything you want to this recipe. Like tacos you can pick and choose what you want in them. I have to chuckle though I have a poem that talks about a woman visiting her friend who had made the best tasting cake so she took home the recipe with her. When she went to make it she didn’t have this ingredient or that so she substituted something different and added this extra. She sat down to eat the cake and it was good but she could not for the life of her figure out why it didn’t taste the same at all like her friends did. I laugh every time I read that poem.

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