Freezer Corn

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Freezer Corn

1/2 lb. butter
11-12 cups corn (about 20 ears)
1 cup half and half
1/2 tsp. salt

Cut the corn off of the ears. Mix everything and bake at 300 ° for 1 hour. Stir every 15 minutes or so. Let it cool. Place in freezer bags or containers and freeze. Just heat and serve to use.


Photo By: normanack


  1. says

    This is off topic but need to know if anyone cans peaches in water.
    the recipe says you can but I am wondering if the flavour would be any good.
    They also say you can use apple juice instead of a syrup.
    Trying to make canned things for diabetics so comments would be appreciated.

  2. moni says

    Hi Grandma,
    Would suggest the lightest possible syrup rather than plain water. Apple juice will have more sugar than the most super light syrups. What I use is 1 cup sugar to 4 cups water. It keeps the fruit flavor better than water. When opening jar will add Splenda at serving if needed for sweeter taste. For myself and other diabetic friends it seems to work well. Drain most of the syrup off and it works great. Try using the syrup to flavor ice tea,baked goods,marinating. Hope this helps you out.

  3. says

    thanks moni.
    I am with you on the no flavour of water. I was thinking I would add a stick of cinnamon and maybe a star anise but then it said apple juice or white grape juice but yes that is still a lot of sugar.
    Will go with the light syrup.
    Haven’t done much canning since I was 15 so I am relearning a lot of old skills.
    I found out that I do not have to add citric acid to the fruit if I soak it for a few min. in water vinegar and salt. rinse it and then put it into the jars.
    Think I will be ready to take a break at the end of Oct. when winter starts arriving. Thank heavens no apples on the tree this year or would be working on this until Nov. and beyond;

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