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Should I Be A Stay At Home Mom e-book

Can I be a Stay At Home Mom? How would we afford it? What if I feel Guilty? Our e-book answers all your questions and you can get it FREE this week!

Should I Be A Stay At Home Mom e-book


Have you ever wondered if being a Stay At Home Mom is for you?

There are lots of things to consider:

  • How can I afford to stay at home? Will we be able to keep our home afloat with one income?
  • What do I do if I feel guilty not working outside the home?
  • What will my husband say?
  • How do I get organized when I’m a SAHM?
  • Will I have trouble keeping in touch with other adults?


In “Should I Be A Stay At Home Mom?”, Jill Cooper explores the benefits and drawbacks of staying at home. You will learn practical ways to determine if you can afford to live on one income and things to consider to help you decide whether or not staying at home is for you.

You’ll also find a section of practical tips and ideas to help you in your journey if you decide to stay at home, including tips for how to organize your days, how to manage your family, how to adjust to the job of staying at home and how to reduce the stress on your family.

Grab your copy of the “Should I Be A Stay At Home Mom?” e-book today! (Free Now Through Thursday)

Click here to go to the page at Amazon where you can download the Free e-book.


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Click here to go to Amazon, where you can download the Stay At Home Mom e-book.

Find the PC Version of the reader here.

Find the Mac version of the reader here.



  1. Ronda says

    Good morning…
    I tried to download the free shook this morning onto my kindle…but all it did was tell me that the page I wad looking for was not available…

    Please help. I would LOVE to receive your free ebook.

    Thank you

  2. Andrea says

    I don’t have a kindle, but followed the link to I looked for the directions to be able to read your ebook at the bottom of the screen and found nothing. Suggestions?

  3. Jennifer says

    I am already a homemaker but since my children are now in the 4th, 6th and 8th grades, I am considering returning to work. I am really struggling with this decision, and have been praying and thinking about it for months. Would this e-book address this aspect of when to return to work, or perhaps you have another suggestion? Thanks. I am a new subscriber of just this year and have enjoyed your newsletter and website.

    • says

      Yes Jennifer it will. I took every struggle gals have in this area and tried to cover it and cover it in more of a logical practical way then just the usual emotional, angry judgmental way that it is normally talked about. I deal with guilt that goes along with working outside of the home and have a section on should you work or not when your kids start school. One of the frustrations of the book was we didn’t have enough room on the cover to explain just how many different areas we covered. I have studied this for 40 years and have been on both sides of the coin so I packed a bunch of info in it.

    • says

      You are welcome. Also Jennifer if you have any specific questions don’t hesitate to ask because each persons situation is so different and I really don’t want anyone to think I am saying you must do this or that. I tried to be careful of that in the book but I do express what worked best for me but it may not be exactly what you need so tried to give other options.

    • says

      Dana we think it is a problem on Amazon’s end that they are overloaded or something or they are down for a moment so you might try again. If you keep having trouble let us know. It is one of those things on Amazon’s end and our hands are a little tied but will try to help if we can. Thank you for your patience. We went this direction thinking it would be easier for our readers but you never know. Once again we are sorry to all who are having a problem and will help as best we can.

  4. Jennifer says

    Looks like a great book Jill! Note to readers having issues: If you want to read it on your PC or Mac, you first have to install the reader before you download the ebook from Amazon. It will then give you the option to deliver to your: Jennifer’s kindle for PC

  5. Lanice says

    THANK YOU! I just downloaded your new book and am SO excited to read it. Your website is just an invaluable source of information and inspiration! God bless you for all that you do!

  6. Phelan says

    I’m currently a sahm, but I would love to read this book! The link was not working for me either on my kindle, but when I logged on to my computer, it allowed me to send it from my computer to my kindle on amazon. Thank you! I also shared on my facebook :)

  7. Deb Vaughn says

    I just downloaded your book to my PC. It took a minute, but it did work. I’m excited to read it.
    I’m in a different position in my life. My daughter is in college and I have offered to go back to work, but honestly, my family says no. Things just seem to run smoother when I’m home. Financially we just do better overall when I’m home to keep things orderly. Thanks for breaking it down into realistic information.

    • says

      Deb that is one thing I cover in the book – sometimes the lack of stress and things running more smoothly way out weight the material and money things and you can actually save often by staying at home.

  8. Katja says

    Hi Leo,
    I`m in Germany and for me it worked as follows:
    Downloaded the app for PC via
    Had to give my address when downloading/buying the book and was denied access, too.
    Was referred to No direct link, had to go to for myself and search for the Kindle/Book, but download worked well then.
    Hope this helps and works with, too :-)
    Can`t wait to read tomorrow.

    • says

      Thanks Katja. Our readers have been so great today in help us and our other readers in trying to get the kinks worked out of our first Kindle Book and we do appreciate all of your help.

  9. says

    I downloaded it with no problem and enjoyed it. From an editing point of view, you used many when you meant may and vice versa quite a few times. Also you used “is” in sentences twice as in “Packing a lunch is a smart is thing to do.”. There were a few others. I hope you don’t mind me telling you? I just thought you might like to clean it up before it becomes a paid download. I love your writing style, it is like listening to a friend!

  10. rose says

    the download for the kindle was easy .. but when i wanted to order the book with the one click and then it asked to pay (using the cc info, even tho its free) and then i clicked on place order .. it didnt place the order and my cart kept saying it was zero .. so not sure what to do now ..
    any suggestions ? ..

    also, thank u for the free e-book .. i am sure it will be great .. i love the other books too .. 😀 ..

  11. rose says

    i found out how to get it onto the kindle .. when u pull up the page to order it .. on the left it says to look at a sample of the book .. and then click on that … and then i looked and then i found a button that said it would download on the kindle ..
    i cant remeber what i did to get it but its there .. and so far of what i read, its awesome ..
    thank u so much for giving this to us .. i greatly appreciate it ..
    and sorry i had to bother u ..

  12. Martine says

    I got the E-book very easily even though I have a French Amazon account .Reading the experience from the lady in Germany I had thought it would try my patience but obviously Amazon solved the glitch .
    Now I must find the time to read the second half ( I couldn’t resist starting reading it immediately … )

    Thank you for the free download , you are a true inspiration

  13. Jane says

    Love the Living on a Dime books and site. Unfortunately, we don’t do Facebook, Kindle or any other apps than are absolutely necessary. Sorry I won’t be able to enjoy more of your wisdom in this new e-book!! :) Technology is not my friend.

  14. Kim says

    JANE – you already have internet access, all you have to do is go to, download the FREE Kindle Cloud Application and then you can read the EBook from you personal home computer. Enjoy : )

  15. Hannah says

    Hi Jill and Tawra,

    Thanks for the free ebook, I am reading it now, I’m most looking forward to ‘not feeling guilty about your degree’… something I need to learn. I love your website and find your lives inspiring. I am in Australia, by the way, just so you know your message is spreading.

    • says

      Oh Hannah I know I say it all the time but I do love hearing from our Australian readers. It is one of about 4 countries I would love to visit sometime. After reading the book if you have any questions about using your degree holler and maybe we can help.

  16. Miriam says

    Oh no, I didn’t check my emails for few days and missed out the chance to get this book. I am a stay at home mum with a 10 months old baby. I love your website, not only the frugal living style but also the value you hold. Being stingy is no fun, but being frugal and generous is the way to go.

  17. Rachel says

    Hi ladies! I have been a Living on a Dime reader for quite some time. Love it all! You’ve been a big motivator for us and I’m proud to say that we are debt free, and have been for the last 4 years-except for our mortgage-in which we owe about 25% of what our house is worth. I recently purchased this ebook and want to send out a big Thank-you! to Jill and Tawra for writing it and making it available. It gave me alot to think about. I’ve been a SAHM for many years and love it! Our household runs well, with very little stress. My youngest child of 5 is almost school age now, and even though I’m blessed with a supportive husband, I’ve been struggling with this very issue-Should I start preparing to go back to work, or continue to stay home? What would benefit my family the most? After doing the cost of working calculations I was shocked!!! I would clear only about $400 a year!!! That’s with making $15/hr and working full time(which is a pretty accurate assumption). Even being very modest in my estimates, I’d still barely make anything. Before reading your book, I never thought to include the increased tax bracket amount-which would affect us-I worked it all out on the online charts provided on the federal website. Plus, here in Canada, each year my husband qualifies for the $12 000.00 tax credit with me being a dependent, which definitely benefits us with me being at home. Anyways, I shared it with my husband and it was very eye opening! Thanks so much for all you provide! Your all at great blessing to me and my family!

    • says

      You are welcome Rachel. I am so glad you took the time to figure it all out. I always say take pen to paper and figure it out. So often whether it is to be a stay at home mom or when trying to get out of debt people just assume things or go along with things that they have heard from the media or others and with out seriously sitting down and writing it all out and figuring the figures for there own personal needs. So many hear from all directions “No mom can afford to stay at home.” and we fall for it hook line and sinker believing it to be true. Each person needs to really figure it out like you did. What is sad is many don’t and are working so hard and not realizing they are bringing in little or no money to help the family when they could actually be helping their family more and even saving more by not working. That falls under the category of working smarter not harder which is exactly what you did. Way to go.: )


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