Enjoying the Holidays

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Today’s Quote Of The Day:

I recently heard a pastor say, when talking about how so many different foods are bad for us now, that he never was sure if when he prayed over his food if he should ask God for blessing on it or protection from it.

Here’s a cute poem he read that I hope will help you to have a more enjoyable and guilt free season. : )


Old Methuselah’s Diet

Methuselah ate what he found on his plate,
And never as people do now;
He took no account of the calorie count;
He ate it because it was chow.

He wasn’t disturbed as at dinner he sat,
devouring a roast or a pie
To think it was lacking in granular fat,
Or a couple vitamin shy

He carefully chewed every species of food,
Unmindful of troubles or fears
Lest his health be hurt by some fancy dessert,
And he lived over nine hundred years.

photo by: xtheowl


  1. Jeanne T. says

    Great article — I loved the poem? Isn’t it so true? As someone at my workplace said a couple of years ago:

    “Spiritual sin and spiritual goodness are now more attributed to the food one eats, as opposed to the actual state of one’s soul.”

    This pretty much sums up the philosophy of many today. They believe that a society will be judged on how we treat animals. Really? Adolph Hitler was a vegetarian; many of the Nazis were also animal rights advocates and “environmentalists”.

    And as I write this, we are now learning that the young man who so viciously murdered innocent children and adults in Newtown, CT was a vegan because he “didn’t want to hurt animals.”

    No, as Francis Schaeffer and C. Everett Koop noted in their book “Whatever Happened to the Human Race?”, every society will ultimately be judged by how it treated people.

    • Stacey says

      My Lord that is a frightening reality Jeanne. It seems as if our priorities are so out of touch with God’s will. God help us, as he is the only one who can.

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