Easy Chicken Fried Steak Recipe and Menu

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Easy Chicken Fried Steak Recipe

Menu and Easy Chicken Fried Steak Recipe


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Easy Chicken Fried Steak Recipe*
Baked Potato
Cottage Cheese Salad*
Relish Dish w/ green onions, radishes carrots and
     celery sticks
Texas Toast



This Chicken Fried Steak recipe is quick, easy and so delicious! It is one of our family favorites and your family is sure to love it, too!

Easy Chicken Fried Steak Recipe

1 lb. hamburger (You can use pre-made patties.)
1/4 cup milk, place in shallow bowl
1/4 -1/2 cup flour, place on plate
1 egg, whipped with fork and place in shallow bowl
1/2 -3/4 of a tube of crackers, crushed, place on plate

Form hamburger into 5-6 patties. Dip each patty into milk, flour, egg and last of all crackers. Place in a hot frying pan with a little oil. Season with salt, pepper, onion and garlic powder. Turn down heat and fry on one side then flip to other side. Hamburger is done when the juices run clear.

Top with White Gravy. Add extra pepper if desired.


Cottage Cheese Salad

2 cups cottage cheese
1/4 to 1/2 cup each of the following:
     green pepper, chopped
     onion, chopped
     tomato, chopped
chives or parsley, optional
Salt and pepper to taste.

Mix all ingredients and chill.

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  1. Karen Fritts says

    Does anyone know of a good remedy for adult acne. I even bought the expensive Proactive and it made it worsr, sent that back. HELP

    • Kathy Hall says

      I used to sell Mary Kay. Occasionally when someone started using the product their acne would get worse. They told us the product is working to get rid of the toxins and that once the impururities are cleared out the skin will improve. For what it’s worth

      • says

        This is true Kathy. That is why it is best for a bride or young lady going to the prom not get a facial the day before or day of her important event because unless she had had a really good facial routine set in place for awhile she will probably break out.

  2. Bea says

    Karen, You can use baking soda and water to form a paste and leave on pimples a few minutes. Also, you can use apple cider vinegar as a toner to bring your skin’s PH back to normal and that also clears up acne. I like to use frugal natural products on my skin. Also, that Salicylic acid does a good job. Stridex Pads.

  3. Kristen says

    Hi Tawra and Jill! I was wondering if you could offer tips on being a frugal vegetarian. My husband can’t eat meat – he has PKU – and the food bills are killing us! I did go through the recipe section and I found 3 or 4 recipes that I could use. Any help would be appreciated.

  4. says

    Karen, I had adult acne for years long before they had all these new products and using the apple cider vinegar as a toner did help me a lot. When I sold Mary Kay for awhile they had a clay mask I used which was the answer to my prayers. You don’t have to use Mary Kay. I don’t any more. You can use any clay based masks even inexpensive ones usually helps to dry up your face and if I had an out break I would dab on the mask and leave over night.

    But the thing I think helped me more then anything was I used a moisturizer for oily skin and a foundation for oily skin every day together and it seemed to be the best thing to control things.

  5. rose says

    i made this not too long ago.. and the recipe is awesome… everyone loved it.. thanks for posting it again… 😀
    rose 😀

  6. judy says

    I was reading about the question on acne, here is something that is cheap and really works. Break a egg and seperate use only the yolk beat it up so it goes on easier and apply to your face or whereever you have the acne, let dry and wash off. You can do this nightly as is very gentle, my son used this method. It really does work, hope this helps.

  7. Carol says

    For the gravy that goes on the top of the “steak”, couldn’t I just add flour to the pan drippings, then some milk? I’ve made chicken fried moose, and that’s what I did. It seems cheaper than using more margarine, and besides, the flavour was great – I added salt, pepper and thyme to the coating on the meat, and it flavoured the gravy wonderfully,

    • says

      Carol yes you can do it that way and that is usually how I make my gravy. What that white gravy recipe is is when you are starting from scratch for say a white sauce or if for some reason you don’t have any drippings but like I said I always just use my drippings, flour and then milk too. Plus the flavor is so much better.

  8. Lori says

    Oh my gosh, this is so funny because as soon as I saw the recipe title I immediately thought back to this very same recipe thinking to myself, wow, I wish I could find that again and then BAM!!! There was this very specific recipe. I was expecting it to be the real thing with beef cube steak, etc. but this is the one I use with ground turkey since we don’t eat beef and it’s awesome. My only problem with it is that I always end up burning the crust before the meat is done. Any solutions to that problem? Thanks for posting this. I haven’t made it in years but when we used to have it we all loved it. I will definitely be saving it to my new recipe files.

    • says

      You might try turning the heat down quite a bit. So stoves and pans seem to cook hotter then others. Also I have found that some pans if you have burnt something in them at one time or another will tend to burn easier then other pans. If you are like me you probably use the same pan for frying your chicken fried steak each time so you could try a different pan.

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