Dehydrated Pumpkin Pie

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Pumpkins in a field - homemade pumpkin pie

Dehydrated Pumpkin Pie

I love to dehydrate food to preserve it as many of you know from my previous posts. I do freeze some food items but there is always the chance of power going out and other things that cause me to waste food in the freezer. By dehydrating, not much happens to the preserved food and it lasts for years instead just the few months it lasts in the freezer.

Pumpkin is another thing that’s great to dehydrate!

Check out this website to watch a video which shows you very easy instructions:

How To Make Pumpkin Pie With Dehydrated Pumpkin.



  1. Simplesista says

    Hi Jill! Hope u are keeping well and right on top of your busy schedule-I bet u are! I’m supposedly on holiday this week, but I have a tonne of marking to do and 30 reports to write. Joy! It’s also two of my children’s birthday this week and like a truly frugal mum, I shall be baking their cakes myself-I’m not sure how much of a wise move this may or may not be, but she who dares bakes her own cakes and all that!
    U may have seen on the news about the storm st Jude that has hit parts if England these last couple of days. I too have only seen it on the news, we have been largely unaffected by it. Fair bit of rain, but I can live with that(my washing is dry!)
    Hope everybody over the pond is keeping ok, look forward to reading all your comments. Best wishes from the narrowly avoided the storm-aren’t we relieved shores of England,xxxx

    • says

      I did see just this morning about all the rain you guys were having there and how bad it was. So glad it didn’t hit you hard. They are still trying to get things back into shape from a super bad flooding they had by Tawra and my folk’s home. My parents still have a couple living with them (for almost a month now) who can’t get up to their home because the only road up there has been washed away. I am a little worried about my folks because they are in their middle 80’s and have only a small house so living with someone that long can be hard on anyone.

      I am heading out to see Tawra day after tomorrow so will be gone for a week or so. I didn’t time it right because we are under a very severe weather alert for tornadoes that day all the way across Kansas. It is a 10 hour drive so it may prove interesting to say the least.Will just have to take it slow and easy. This trip won’t be too long because I have to get back and kick it in full gear for baking my gingerbread men.

      I had to chuckle at you saying your washing is dry. You do laundry like me – in between rain storms and when desperate when it is raining. That is one of the reasons I watch the weather so close. I got mine all done yesterday. I don’t usually like to do my laundry on Sunday but it was the only day before I leave it wasn’t going to be raining and I had sheets to do to.I am really lucky in this house because I have 2 vents that I can set my drying rack under and the hot air blows directly on to them so they dry pretty good. I think Kansas can be as damp as England sometimes. We had 100% humidity and it hadn’t even started raining yet. Go figure.

      I had to chuckle when you said you were on holiday this week. I would hate to see what your week is like when you are working. : ) It’s about like my holidays. I have 2 birthdays this week too for my grandkids so we will be baking cakes also and trying to figure out Halloween costumes for the kids. Well I do so love hearing from you and hope in-spite of it all you will be able to have a little break.
      I am sitting here laughing because I was trying to think of a clever ending for this because yours are always so cute but have decided not to even try except to say have a great week from tornado alley USA. : ) : )

  2. Simplesista says

    Hope your travels are safe, I’ll be thinking of u. I know exactly what u mean about visitors- it really is very kind of them to let the other couple stay. Especially if they have been there for a month!! I’m hoping that they will be pulling their weight and not being too much of a burden for your parents.maybe burden isn’t the right word but hopefully u know what I mean. I never know if I’m writing on the write page really, sorry this one wasn’t very pumpkin related! We have never bothered much with Halloween and it’s traditions as we two birthdays this week so it’s never been practical to celebrate both. Many of the children will go trim and treating it though, so I do get to hear all about it, many many times! I’m baking on Thursday, if it goes well, I’ll try to add a photo of my achievements to my comments, if I can!
    Best wishes from the very still outside, it must be the calm after the storm shores of England,xxxxxx

    • says

      Just wanted to let you know real quick you can post a comment where ever you want and I will see them. I read all the comments each day no matter where they are posted so you did fine by posting here. Also I would love to see the pictures but I’m afraid the way the website is set up we can’t get them on the comments. Wish we did because it would be so much fun seeing all the different things from people. Well must run. Am running late this morning a little. We had some pretty good storms last night that kept me awake. I have a feeling by the time they are done tomorrow all the beautiful fall leaves will be stripped from the trees. :( Oh well it was nice while we had them. Have a super rest of the week.

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