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Man Sneezing

I just found this on the Internet and thought it was so cute and true.

Definition of:


(proper noun)

Something that takes a mild cold and turns it into a deadly disease which will kill you within the next 24 hours.



Photo By: Iain Farrell


  1. Bea says

    So many things these days are blown out of proportion and exaggerated. It seems weather reports for one thing. Every time a thunder storm is coming anymore the emergency broadcasting system breaks in every 10 minutes or so like the world is going to end. It’s just rain folks and wind. Use your common sense. Put the cell phones down and pay attention to real life.

    • says

      This is so true. I remember when we were in Idaho they kept flashing the emergency thing saying a blizzard was coming with 30 mile an hour winds. Tawra, Mike and I were laughing because that is considered a daily breeze in Ks.

  2. Simplesista says

    Hi girls!
    I do know exactly what u mean- here in England it’s been raining-not especially heavily- on and off since yesterday. It’s been windy too. Admittedly it’s been very cold, grey and dark. But the newspapers are reporting it as if we on the verge of a tsunami! Apparantly the whole of England is to “brace itself for a battering from the gale force winds and driving rain. Expect flash floods”! Well, I’ve been braced but so far nothing- lol! I have however got my fleece throws out and we are cuddled under them and enjoying being cosy! Everything does get blown out of proportion, but I suppose it had to be to generate interest!
    Anyway, how are u, Jill and Bea? What’s new with the two off u? I’m knee deep at work and home, but I’m still on target for budgeting and still tidy!! Yay!!!
    Best wishes, from the grey, dark and slightly drizzly shores of England,xxxx

    • says

      So glad to hear you are still on top of things or trying to keep on top of things. :) I don’t dare tell you we are finally having perfect fall weather. 75 degree temps (not sure what that is in Celsius but it is not hot and not cold), no wind, lots of sunshine just beautiful. Sorry to rub it in. :) Actually I wouldn’t mind being in England right now because I do love rainy days to curl up with a good book.

      From this Monday on I am going to be coming and going. I have to mix it 25 batches of gingerbread man dough and start gearing up for making my gingerbread men. I have to put labels on about 400 bags, cut and curl 1,000 pieces of ribbon for my packaging and all sorts of little things like that.

      Then I am trying to get work on the web site all done for the next 3 months because I will be so busy baking them. Plus I will be leaving at the end of this month and go to Tawra’s for a week or so. When I get back from her house I will hit the floor running with baking and getting ready for Christmas.

      It is usually hectic for me this time of year but with Tawra now living in Colorado I have to get all my baking done a week before Christmas because I am either going out to her place or they are coming here. I can’t complain though because I do love baking the little guys. Well you keep warm and toasting and here’s hoping you soon get a little sunshine your way. : )

  3. Simplesista says

    Wow,Jill,u are going to be busy! I’ve read in many of your older posts about your baking and I’m very impressed-I’m not much of a baker I’m afraid! But thankfully I can cook, so we do ok. Do u bake before Xmas to sell the goods or is it all part of gift giving? We don’t really celebrate Thanksgiving in England either.
    I must admit that I do like rainy days myself- but not on weekends! I do all my washing on Friday night, Saturday morning- it means I can wash all the kids uniforms and sort into colours-but I don’t have a dryer so I line dry all the clothes. It’s fine in winter because I have the heating on and the clothes dry just fine on the rack, then the radiators. But I’m holding off with the heating yet, it’s not that cold yet-I insist!- so it’s been tricky drying the clothes this weekend! I’ve just about managed, rack in front room, window open! I think the heating will have to come on by next week anyway, so itl be ok.
    Your weather sounds perfect at the moment, I’m rather jealous!
    Best wishes from a wet n windy day in England,xxxxx

    • says

      I know exactly what you mean about trying to dry the clothes when it is raining and having no dryer. You are at that in between season where it can be wet and humid but not cold enough to turn on the heat. I moved into a house when I was first married and it had all these huge radiators that I thought were awful and so ugly. That winter though when I had 2 babies in cloth diapers (this was before disposables)and no dryer I started hanging the diapers on those radiators. I tell you I fell in love with them. I think they dried my stuff faster the I could in a dryer. I miss those silly things to this day.I do the racks too all winter. I am so glad we have a few more weeks that I can still hang them out.

      As far as my gingerbread men go I do both. I give about half away and sell the other half. I started about 25 years ago when I had absolutely no money at all. I broke down and baked some for gifts. I gave about 5 doz. away that year. The next year a friend I had given them to said I should sell them but I didn’t have any idea how to do that. She then said she would pay me for 2 dozen. The next week a friend of hers had tasted them and asked for 3 doz. for a party he was having. I sold them to him. The next day he sheepishly called and asked for 3 more doz. because he had eaten all 3 doz. the night before all by himself and so he had none for his party. I thought I had arrived – 8 dozen in one week and it took me almost all week to make them.

      Fast forward 15 years and I am baking 500 dozen the 4 weeks before Christmas doing about 20-40 doz. a day. The past couple of years I have had to cut back to about 300-400 doz. because it was getting to much for me. I don’t do much baking any more but I do love doing my little men. Over the years I have only eaten only about 5 of them. I know it sounds silly but I hate biting the heads off of my little guys. One thing though about making so many, I think I am the only person I know of who loses weight at Christmas instead of gaining. I not only don’t have time to eat regular meals but by the time I have spent sometimes 12-15 hours baking I am so sick nothing sounds good not even the Christmas goodies. Well expect of course the fudge but I make that right before Christmas so I don’t over indulge. :) :)
      Bye for now from sunny, perfect temperatures Kansas. :) :) Don’t be too jealous though we are suppose to get some really bad rain and storms tomorrow. :)

  4. Bea says

    Hi Simplesista and Jill. The weather around here is weird. It goes from cold for days where you need to wear a jacket and put the heat on, to very warm when you can open the windows. Then it rains hard all in one day and gets cold again. I like it when it’s in the 60’s or 70’s and sunny. Perfect weather. It hasn’t been too bad yet. I was very surprised to see they had a snow blizzard in some western states already. That’s weird too.
    Jill every time I see a gingerbread recipe I think of you. I been looking at different recipes to get ready for the holidays.

    • says

      How often does this happen Bea. I just finished my letter to you and came down to check the comments and here is one from you. I can’t send it until tomorrow though because our light rain is turning into storms so I can’t hang letters on the box. Now that I think about it I wonder if the mail will even come today because it is a holiday??
      I got all my spices measured and ready for mixing the dough. Even though they are bagged up you can smell them like crazy so each time I walk through the kitchen I get this yummy smell like Christmas. I have said before I always want some of those cinnamon scented pine cones to make my house smell good at Christmas but duh then I remind myself that I don’t need them with all the baking I do.

  5. Bea says

    It happens a lot Jill. Kind of funny, these little coincidences. I was so hungry for gingerbread cookies yesterday that I had to make some last night. I love the smell of the spices in the cookies. They do smell so good at this time of year. You know what’s weird? I made some gingerbread cake a few months ago to take into work for a pot luck lunch we were having and some people were rude enough to say they don’t like gingerbread. Well to each his own, but sometimes people are rude unnecessarily and should keep their mouths shut. They could use that manners class we spoke about. Some people don’t seem to like old-fashioned things like gingerbread. SAD.

    • says

      I know Bea. I personally love gingerbread. If you like that you might try our Ginger Cream cookies (listed under cookies) in Dining. They are just like little gingerbread with vanilla frosting. I think these are my son’s favorite and I love them too. It is the molasses flavor that many people don’t like in the usual gingerbread. I use different ingredients in mine and don’t use the molasses. I love it when someone insists they don’t like gingerbread men at all and I tell them just to try one bite and the look of surprise on their faces is always so much fun to watch. They are usually the ones too who become my best customers.
      Thanks goodness everyone in our family loves gingerbread because it is the one thing I can make and know they will all love.

  6. Bea says

    Jill if you want to read an interesting and good book look for “Autumn across America” by Edwin Teale. It is a true story written about 50 years ago or so by a couple that went across the United States to experience autumn in different states.

  7. Bea says

    I hope you find the book Jill. You can search it on the web and see the reviews. It is a beautiful book. I think it would be fun to take a trip like that myself.
    I like gingerbread and will check out that recipe you mentioned in the cookbook. The addition of the vanilla icing sounds so good.

    • says

      Hope you like it Bea. The icing is the same as using icing on the gingerbread men or whipped cream on the gingerbread. I like the combination of those. You must be off work today. You through me for a loop. I have been in such a fog lately I thought maybe it was Thurs. and I didn’t know it. :)

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