Crystal Gardens Recipe

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Homemade Crystal Gardens Recipe

Crystal Gardens Recipe

  • bluing
  • ammonia
  • salt
  • liquid food coloring
  • water

Day #1: Place damp sponge pieces in a shallow glass or plastic bowl. Over sponge, pour 2 Tbsp. each of bluing, salt, water and ammonia.

Day #2: Add 2 Tbsp. salt.

Day #3: Add 2 Tbsp. each bluing, salt, water and ammonia. Avoid pouring on crystal growth. Repeat Day #3 as needed to keep crystals growing. For color, add drops of food coloring.

*Bluing can be purchased in the laundry section at the store.

From Dining on a Dime


Photo By:  svdwh



  1. Michelle says

    Will this continue to grow as long as you add “day 3″?

    Bluing is a liquid purchased in the detergent isle?


    • says

      Michelle yes and yes. :) Bluing is usually in the laundry detergent section although it is often on a high or low shelf in that area.

  2. Kris says

    I needed this at Easter! I had purchased a $1 kit for making crystals from Target for my son’s Easter basket and it didn’t have instructions with it–we got it to work, but this would have been so much simpler. :)

    • Joyce says

      just an FYI…this is a toxic project and all warning lables should be adhered to, especially if you have young children or curious pets.

  3. says

    Interesting… haven’t seen this before. Looks like a rock in the photo rather than a sponge piece. Must you start with sponge pieces? If so, any requirements for the type of sponge? (ie. must it be natural sponge?)

      • brian says

        In your picture the crystals are more dense and clear how did you make such pretty crystals I got the white cotton candy looking fungus

  4. Susan says

    My mom and I used to make these in a bowl and used charcoal pieces as a base. Looked like a rock garden!!

  5. chris says

    thanks for this wonderful website with all the hints. I bought your cookbook and love it!! Thanks for all of your hard work.

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