Crocheted Lunch Bags

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Mom found a bunch of great patterns that could be used for crocheted lunch bags. Check out all these patterns here. Tawra


photo by:  squirrel_cottage


  1. Sheila says

    Wow, that is a huge list… could you help narrow it down? I saw nothing under “lunch bag” so which ones did you think would be good for that? Thanks!

  2. ChristyM says

    I’m not a crocheter, so I don’t know how difficult any of these would be to make. There is one called “Reusable Lunch Sack Tote.” I thought the “Tee-Shirt yarn handbag” and “Big Easy Red Bag” (made in a different color of course if you don’t like red) would also work well for lunches. Just my thoughts.

  3. Jaime says

    Great idea! This sounds like it could be a good beginners project for new crocheters. This could also be a sellable craft item, since alot of people are into being “green” now. A cotton yarn would be perfect for this type of project.

    • says

      That is true. The “green” people would really love them to if you uses strips of old sheets or clothing for you yarn if you have some. :) You could say they are truly green.

  4. Jaime says

    True, recycled fabrics would make this type of project more “green”. I think recycling your old clothes into yarn is better than donating them to some big bin on the side of the road. I know they say that the bins are for charity donations, but I saw I news story about those bins awhile back. Most of the clothing that is donated in them is shredded and recycled into mattress padding and other things. So I say why not recycle your old clothes yourself and stretch the most use out of the item that you have already paid for.

    • says

      I don’t use those bins because you are right I’m not sure what they do with them but we do have certain donation centers and places where I know they use them or sell them. I do half and half. Most of my clothes I buy used so they are worn to start with. I then wear my things for a long long time so half of them by the time I am done with them aren’t wearable so those are the things I make into rags, quilts etc.

    • says

      Mel, I am sorry I don’t know which pattern that was. Maybe you could find someone who is really good at crocheting and they could help you figure it out. I’m sorry we don’t know.

  5. Jaime says

    Jill, I crochet and this looks like a simple pattern. Just search for “Crochet Mesh bag or purse”. You may also want to try a site called “”. This type of pattern should be fairly easy to find. It looks like just a series of chain stitches.

    • says

      Thanks for the web site Jamie. It does look easy but I was thinking of some beginners who sometimes need a pattern so thanks for the site.

  6. Jaime says

    Correction: Jill, the site is actually “”. Just search for the word Mesh and many free patterns are pulled up.

  7. says

    any one who wants to learn to knit or crotchet can go to youtube and type in knitting or crocheting they have great instruction videos and if you are like me and don’t like to show your no knowledge and clumsiness to a real live human it is a great place since you can keep replaying it till you get it right. And nobody the wiser.
    I have knitted for years and could not figure out how to do something I have done countless times in the past.
    Looked and cursed this outfit for a week and thought of you tube. Had the step down after watching two different video’s doing the same thing. One was easier to see so watch and pick the one you are comfortable with. Some have easy projects as well.

  8. Jaime says

    I made one of these crochet mesh bags to use as a grocery bag. We hosted a Bingo game at our home for a few friends and I gave it away as a prize in the game. Everyone loved it. They were all asking if I made that. They also liked that since I used cotton yarn it could be washed along with their bath towels. If anyone is interested in more free patterns for this type of bag, I found more patterns at It’s the website for the company that sells the cotton yarn.

  9. rose says

    i was at the check out at the supermarket the other day and they had this sale going on . .buy 4 bottles of wine (didnt matter the name brand and price) and get one of those little carry bags for free (a smaller version of the ones the stores are selling to replace the plastic bags) .. well this couple had just bought 12 bottles of wine for gifts/parties/cooking etc and gotten 3 of those little bags for free ..
    so i said, they make nice gifts too .. adn the man said “one is for the daughter to take as a lunch sack, one is for her mother bc she wants all her important stuff (like checkbooks, papers etc) to be handy bc it will be hurricane season soon and if they need to evacuate fast, everything will be in one small bag and they can just grab that fast .. and the other bc my wife uses them as a purse ..
    i thought that was a cute idea for a purse but i wasnt sure how much the bags normally cost and well buying 4 bottles of wine might be a bit expensive esp bc i dont cook with or drink wine ..
    so yesterday i went back to the store and asked the manager how much one of htose bags were and he said htey were normally 99 cents but sometimes they could be as low as 50 cents (during certain times of the yr) ..
    thats not too bad .. 99 cents for a purse 😀 …
    i thought i would share that with everyone ..
    i wish i could knit/crotche… i have seen many things on other websites of what to make with those plastic garbage bags we get from the supermarket .. and some things are really nice … rugs, bibs, bags, purses, coasters .. etc .. really neat things ..
    thought i would share that bit of info too ..

  10. Donna B. says

    I just wanted to comment on Grandma’s suggestion of using youtube. I love them! I’ve been watching knitting videos also and some of them are great (you have to search to make sure you can really see them). I actually found some for my son last night for “fly-tying” for fishing. He learned the one he was working on in one viewing! (Bring on the grilled trout!) They have some great videos from colleges and extension centers also.

    It’s a no cost learning experience and I might just try to learn crochet through there as well.

  11. Jaime says

    I’m thinking of crocheting a few bags and trying to sell them in a yard sale. Some grocery stores give you 5 cents off your entire grocery order for every bag of your own that you use. So bringing your own bags to the grocery store is like having a coupon for every shopping trip. You can buy reuseable bags from the grocery stores but I do wonder how can they be cleaned if something leaks inside of them. I’ve heard some store bought bags can not be machine washed. Also if you make your own bags you can have any size you want, not just small ones like you usually find at the grocery stores.

    • getforfree says

      They give you 5 cents for EACH BAG. So if your bags are smaller, you just can use more bags per order. When the bags are big, and you can fit everything into 2 bags, some cashiers will give you discount for only 2-3 bags. I have a few small ones that I prefer to take instead of the big ones.

      The store made bags are falling apart after a few washes. May be they are not supposed to be washed, but I did. I only bring bags to the stores that give a discount for using them. I will not use up and wash my bags if I don’t get compensated for that.

  12. Jaime says

    I was just thinking, maybe a crochted mesh bag would be a good “end of the school year” teacher gift. You could also fill it with inexpensive school suplies such as packs of markers, pens, pencils, or chalk. Maybe even include one or two crocheted drink coasters for their desks.

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