Common Sense

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Common Sense is so rare it is kinda like
a super power. 😀

photo by: xtheowl


  1. Bea says

    When you have a job that deals with people every day you know how true that statement is. Unfortunately all the gadgets in the world doesn’t seem to cure stupid either.

  2. Bea says

    Jill, Will be looking forward to it. It’s kind of nice today weatherwise. Sunny and in the 40’s. Tomorrow starts March. Thank God. Spring and Easter coming soon. I’ve had a cold the last 2 weeks. YUCKY! Everyone at work was sick and passed it around. Today I feel better than I did in a couple of weeks. I had today off because I work on Saturday. Went shopping for some used books and will be going to Aldi’s. Glad you got my card. Hope you liked it. Talk to you soon.

    • says

      Oh Bea I hope you get to feeling much better. Even though we don’t often think of a cold as a big deal they can really make a person feel miserable. Enjoy the rest of your day off.

  3. Fay says

    Common sense–right my husband and I talk about this often. I argue that there is no such thing because people need to have a common background as a foundation. Now–in theory it can exists in super isolated parts of the world where people have all things in common–but there are still gender and experience level of the individuals that make it unobtainable.
    DH will say –well, people who don’t have/use common sense are just stupid. I say it is just another way for bigotry to rear its head.
    On that note–I just bought a special power saw for cutting glass tiles. Naturally because I lack the common sense of the tradesmen (& women)who use this item regularly, I read the manual. I was astonished that the manual has absolutely no mention/hint of wearing safety glasses. DH says they don’t need to– its common sense (n ’round we go). I say it is a lawsuit waiting to happen. I just hope someone doesn’t lose an eye over it.
    Oy vey is all I have to say– love Yiddish because a little phrase can sum up so much.

    • says

      Sometimes it is more of a matter of calling something by a different name. The things you describe like not knowing how to use a power saw is what I call having or not having a knowledge or skill about something. This you get from reading, learning and practice among other things. Common sense is what your husband is talking about in the fact that I don’t need to read any instructions to tell me that a blade spinning that fast and cutting through a piece of wood at that speed is going to throw sawdust and splinters of wood all over and I had better have something on my eyes.

      Common sense is not putting my toddler on a two story roof by himself or to allow a 5 year old in the house alone with many boxes of matches sitting by him. I don’t need to read instructions to know this is not a good combination. That is what your husband and most people mean by common sense. It has nothing to do with intelligence or skills. Many very smart people have no common sense. As a matter of fact it seems sometimes the more knowledge people gain the more wisdom and common sense go out the door. People can be very good about doing something and have lots of skills but can have no common sense at all.

      The proof that common sense is gone is the fact that they have so many instructions on things now on what not to do. We never use to have all those don’t do this or that’s on a product because most people had enough common sense to know not to:

      Here are some product examples

      Product will be hot after heating
      Do not iron clothes on body
      (Bar of soap) Use like regular soap
      (Children’s cough medicine) Do not drive or operate machinery after taking this.
      (Christmas lights) for indoor and outdoor use only
      (Sansbury Nuts) Warning: contains nuts
      (Packet of nuts) Open package, eat nuts
      (Nytol sleep aid) Warning: may cause drowsiness

      I’m sorry I got carried away and couldn’t stop laughing at these but I think you get what I mean. These are all things that show there is no common sense left either from the companies that put these on their products or people who need them on the product.

  4. Bea says

    Jill, You have such a great way of explaining things. Common sense is just that. The ability to know common things without being told how to do it. It should be just using the brain God gave you. Like uwrapping Hershey’s kisses before eating. Sometimes you wonder.

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