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Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich - Comfort Food for Kids!

A school cafeteria served peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch. A second grader walking out the door complimented to the cafeteria manager saying,”Finally you gave us a home cooked meal!”

I love it. Sometimes we worry too much and make our meal planning too complicated. If we could just look at food (or life?) through the eyes of a child, how less stressful our meals and lives would be. Of course if we made menus according to a child, they would consist of candy bars and ice cream for every meal. Oh yum. Like I say, kids aren’t dumb! I would love that for every meal too. HA!HA! :)

What I am trying to say, especially if you are just starting to try to plan menus, is that you don’t have to make a gourmet meal every night or any night at all. Start simple. A bowl of chicken noodle soup, even from a can, can taste like manna when eaten with mom and dad or the family at the end of a tiring day.



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  1. Lisa B says

    Easy chicken(or turkey dinner) via crockpot.

    I found this by accident today.
    The night before I had covered boneless skinnless chicken breasts with water and cooked on low…(I started it late at midnight) well we went to the doctor(for got it was on…I know not smart it cooked 16 hours instead of 12) Well luckily we did. When we got back it was past lunch,the snow was coming down and many of us are ill…I came up with this quick lunch.

    Using the broth from the crock pot,in a bowl I added instant stuffing mix.I tablespoon butter and two cups broth stirred well.

    IN a different bowl I added a packet of gravy mix and one 1/2 cups of broth…stirred well.

    I let the gravy and stuffing stand while I placed a small organge and chicken breast on everyones plate…this time allowed the gravy to thicken and the stuffing to moisten..then I added that to the plates for a complete meal.

    I may try this with other meats…
    Using the broth to make instant pasta or rice or instant mashed potatoes :)

    The chicken was dryer than normal because I left it on too long but the gravy made up for it.

    I will use the leftover broth to make soup with leftover cooked veggies and pasta for tonight. And the leftover chicken will be burritos for tommorrow:)

  2. jill says

    Great comment Lisa. This is exactly how I use to make meals when I had to use only what I had on hand because I had no money for groceries.

    Plus it is a great tip for Thanksgiving or Christmas or anytime you make a turkey or chicken that is a little dry – add gravy.

    I sometimes wonder if our grandmothers weren’t that great of cooks, they just had become great at camouflaging their mistakes because they didn’t want to waste anything.


  3. rose says

    lisa, thanks for sharing this recipe… and i hope you and your family is feeling better now…
    this looks soooooo good… i have to try this … we have PLENTY of chicken and the other items too…
    and yes jill, i have to agree with you when it came to our grandmothers not wanting to waste anything! esp in the great depression days…
    thanks again for posting! 😀

  4. Joyce says

    I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your newsletters so much. There are so many helpful hints. Keep them coming! Joyce

  5. says

    here is an easy comfort food meal when you are too sick to think straight and your family is standing in the kitchen saying what is for supper.
    Not a good day yesterday for me.
    Don came home and woke me up from a sleep that lasted 9 hours.
    I had a cooked ham roast and a cooked prime rib roast in the fridge but didn’t have the energy to think of a way to serve it as a meal.
    Don sliced a few slices and laid them in a casserole dish, I made up a box of scalloped potatoes and put that on top of the ham. Turned on the oven to 400 put the casserole in the oven set the timer for 30 min. He opened a can of molasses pork and beans put that into a oven proof dish covered it with foil and added that to the oven.
    30 min. later we had a meal on the table.
    easy simple and hot not bad for a really sick day.
    Don also opened a can of tuna so the cats got their treat at the same time we got supper.
    Might have to do something similar tonight as what ever is causing this has not gone away. Might have to stop taking flax seed oil pills that I added last week since my hair is dieing big time.
    any suggestions for hair that is thinning out due to new meds.

    • says

      I would double check the new meds and any “natural” stuff you are taking. That may be what is knocking you for a loop. I know Tawra and I over the years have had major problems with meds or even natural herbal things making us worse then our original illness.
      I tried this really famous bee stuff one time where the gal said it cured her CFS and I was so sick I was bedridden for a couple of weeks until I figured out it was that stuff that was making me feel awful. Tawra is forever trying something new and it does a number on her too.

      As for thinning hair we had the problem of our hair falling out by the hand fulls too every since we have been sick. I take some stuff which has really helped me but I hate to recommend things because what works for me may not work for someone else plus this stuff is pretty expensive. I became a distributor not to sell it but so I could get it for myself at half price. I have never tried selling it to anyone even though it does work good for me.
      I wouldn’t have even tried it but my neighbor gave me some for Christmas one year and insisted I try it. I usually don’t like trying things like that but did for her and could not believe it. After 2 months of using it my hair wasn’t falling out near as bad, it started growing like crazy and I even have really long eye lashes for the first time in my life. I have every since I can remember had eye lashes falling in my eye but since I have taken this stuff not one eye lash has fallen into my eye.
      It helps me with not getting so tired mostly though. I also had problems with my hip joints hurting so bad and that is all gone. I was laughing at Christmas because for pictures I plopped down cross legged on the floor and had no trouble getting up or down but my almost 40 year old kids were moaning and groaning.
      Maybe someone else will have some better suggestions. Hope you bounce back soon it really sounds like your meds are doing a number on you though.

      • wynnye says

        Jill, you went on and on, and on… about this wonderful product that helped you so much but did not share the name of it with the rest of us. I understand being careful about recommending specific brands but its not fair to sing praises of a product and not give the rest of us the chance to find out if it will work for us too! Please let us know what it is!

        • says

          I did mention what it was in 2 different places of the comments. You must not have read on and saw. It was Mona Vie and I talked about it in length like I said in two different places.

  6. Bea says

    I was reading a Hershey Cookbook I borrowed from the library from the 1930’s and they mentioned that a can of soup use to cost 12 cents, and a family of four would add vegetables to it, to add more substance, so the one can could stretch to feed 4 people. Simple meals were a common thing when people were going through the depression, and any food was appreciated. Picky, fussy eaters were uncommon. They were just glad to eat.

    • says

      It is called Mona Vie. It is a type of acai berry juice but I think it has more in it than just that. I only take 2 Tbsp. in the morning every day. I really can’t do without it. I have only had 1 cold in 3 years since I started using it compared to having 4-5 a year and bronchitis no less then 4-6 weeks a year so you can see why I am so excited about it. If I have been around anyone who has had a cold I just take double for a couple of days plus my Lysine and when the rest of the family is dropping like flies I sail right through it not getting sick.
      If I happen to forget to take it about 2-3 in the afternoon I start crashing and burning really bad and my CFS flares up bad. One of the perks I hadn’t planned was my hair started growing like a house a fire and my eye lashes did too. Really unexpected but nice.
      Part of it is though you have to use it faithfully for 2 months to even begin to see the results and the longer you take it the even better things get. Most people don’t have the patience to keep taking something for that long to see if it works. I even stopped taking it after about 3 months thinking it wasn’t really helping but after 3 days I couldn’t believe how much worse I felt.

      Like I said I hate recommending things because different things work differently for people but I sure am glad I found this. It hasn’t cured me at all but has helped with some symptoms and even if it did nothing but help with the colds I would take it.

  7. says

    Jill it is definetly the new meds. the nurse I talked to doesn’t agree. she says since I have been taking them since Aug the signs would have showed up sooner.
    I tried to explain that my hair is naturally curly and in Sept. the curls left no wave no body now it is coming down to no hair.
    Went to the hairdressers today to get it cut and she freaked that so little thickness was there. She said it was like cutting a childs hair for the amount she took off. She usually says it is like cutting 3 peoples hair when she looks at the floor.
    I have very weird reactions to drugs whether prescription or over the counter. Finally convinced my dr to give me a week supply when on a new one. If it doesn’t react properly I don’t have a huge amount of something to get rid of safely.
    Don also takes the night off work if I get a new pill. I can handle reactions during the day pretty well but at night I wander and do strange things. One night middle of winter I was on something new and woke up in the car in the garage with my pillow and blanket. Don does not know how I got past him but there I was.
    I have another tele appt sometime in Jan so I will definetly find out if there is something else I can take. The nurse said the way I was whining about my hair she thought I was going to suggest stopping the RA drugs. I said I am. I can live with the pain but if I go bald I will not leave the house. So hair or pain definetly the hair.
    You are wise not to suggest things for others to try. Like I said I have to be very careful and so should others.
    Not only for their health but for their money.

  8. Sandi says

    Jill, I think these herbs and natural treatments only work for us when we are running low on a nutrient that’s in there. I’ve sometimes found that what works for me once won’t work the next time, and vice versa. I’ve gotten into the habit of taking breaks from vitamins or other treatments, and they usually work better after the break. This even works for over the counter pain medications.

    • says

      Yeah, I do the same thing. Right now I’m rotating all my pain meds because they seem to work better that way and will be a little easier on my organs.

  9. says

    Wish I could stop taking the supplements. But according to the dr. I saw in July as long as I take the RA med. (the rest of my life) I will have to take folic acid, calcium and vit. D.
    don’t know why the folic acid (thought that was for pregnant women) but the RA med leeches calcium from your bones and teeth. Vit D may be for the lack of sun in the north but also helps absorb some of the med.
    I have never been able to tolerate the omega 3, glucosomine, and even multi vitamins without really feeling yucky.
    Same sort of feeling I have now. Can’t wait for another appt. even if it isn’t in person with this new dr. Hopefully he will find another drug that will keep the pain at bay without all the side effects.
    Anybody have a magic wand to make drs. human?

    • maria says

      Hi grandma,

      Sorry your meds are make you feel bad.

      The vitamin D helps you utilise the calcium better. If you live up north you bed it, especially if youare not out much. The folic acid is vitamin B, everyone needs it, and it is really common with deficiencies. It might be that the RAw meds may do something with your uptake so you need them. I am not a knowledgeable about RAw meds.

      But, if you feel yucky from your mess or supplements, do speak with your doctor. It could be adverse reactions to one of the active substances, a combination of active substances, or a sensitivity to one of the excipients. You may not have to feel this way. Also remember that drugs made by different companies may make you react different, even if the active substance and the dose are the same. Your reacting depends on the excipients also, and the formulation of the medicine. So keep trying different meda, guided by your doctor, until you find the one that works best for you. Make sure that you tell your dictionary your hair didn’t start changing now, but back in september.

      All that said, my hair goes limp as falls out every time I am under much stress, especially if I sleep bad. Euthanise it it talk to your doctor!

      Good luck

  10. Karen Pruneau says

    Umm, I know this was about comfort food, but I’m really interested in the hair loss stuff. I’ve lost about 2/3’ds of my hair – which the Dr. doesn’t care about. I’m on thyroid med. If you don’t have enough thyroid hormone, your hair falls out, I thought if I go on the meds then my hair would grow back. Apparently not. I tried Silica for 3 months and that didn’t work, you say what you are using is Mona Vie? Could I find it in a health food store?

    • says

      I don’t think you can find Mona Vie at health food stores. It is usually just sold through the distributors that is why I signed up to be one so it would be easy for me to get and I get it at almost half price when I buy a huge amount.

  11. rose says

    my friend takes the mona vie too jill .. and she says it helps too .. not sure about her hair but my hair is sooo thin its terrible .. ever since my hysto my hair has become thinner and thinner and to top it all off, i cant afford to go to the dr ..
    we dont qualify for county ins too .. they said we make too much (they changed the eligibility requirements) .. so what is one to do in my case? go to the health food store .. and hopefully find something that will work …
    thanks for posting this jill .. i will have to check this out …

  12. jackie says

    Thank you Jill for this. It’s exactly what I needed to hear! As for the hair loss, I have had good results taking biotin. If you notice in your multi-vitamins, biotin is hardly supplied at all, and that’s what your hair needs to be strong. I take 1 or 2 600 mcg capsules a day. I recommend it!

    • Jan says

      There is a line of hair products called Ovation Cell Therapy, which the ads initially said would help damaged hair that had been colored for a long time, and dry hair. After it had been on the market awhile, it was found to be able to grow and thicken hair that had thinned or weakened from several types of medication, including chemo. It too is available only online and is expensive, but perhaps worth a try. Again, be cautious, no product is guaranteed to work for everyone.

      • says

        Jan I have used this line myself and love it. I use the conditioner as a hair treatment once in awhile and the baking soda as shampoo. Love the stuff and for me it really works. I was having problems with my hair falling out from being sick and this stuff seemed to really help.

        • Jan says

          Jill, I saw your recipe for baking soda shampoo relatively recently, and plan to try it really soon. The results that were mentioned in the description sounded like just what I need! Thank you.

          • says

            Hope it works for you Jan. I love using it myself. Besides saving a ton on shampoo and conditioner my hair looks better. I hope it does the same for you.

  13. says

    I seem to have gotten this post off topic so I will tell you what my pharmacist said about hair loss.
    For thyroid conditions there is not much you can do until it is under control and even then it is iffy. The meds do strange things to your hair.
    He said people with dry air lose hair more easily so you need to try a humidifier get a good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.
    The flax seed oil will help get oils into the roots of your hair which in turn makes it healthier.
    Hard water is also a culprit for hair loss. He said he bought a water softener because our town had really hard water.
    Fish oil helps the same as flax seed oil so salmon is a good source of oil and is also rather healthy.
    I have been taking the flax seed oil for about a week twice a day and I have washed my hair almost daily and for about the last 4 days I have not had to empty the hair trap in the drain after each shower.
    hope this helps anyone who is trying to find a way to stop hair loss.

    the nurse I talked to at the clinic said it was more than likely menopause and said I was wrong when I said that no women in my family for 4 generation had ever lost hair during menopause.
    Like what do I know about the subject or my family.
    They certainly don’t like it when you don’t agree with them.
    All I know is I am not losing any more will have to wait until my next hair cut in a month to see if it is replacing itself or not.

  14. rose says

    thanks for posting this also jackie and grandma and jill… i had heard biotin is good too for hair loss and so is the fish oil …
    i was telling my daughter about the mona vie and she said she heard alot of great things about this ..
    i will try to the biotin too .. i read the label and it said for hair/nails ..
    i was on thyroid meds too but had a reaction but the dr said it was one of the side effects (when i did have ins and was able to go to the dr) ..
    until i can get to the dr, i will have to try the supplements and my diet ..
    we changed hubby’s diet and his health issues were starting to reverse .. then i started working more out of the home so we kinda went back to the old fast diet we were on .. now my new yr’s resolution is to work more at home and eating healthier .. it can be done .. and with all the car issues i am having these days i really need to work more at home and save money …
    if anyone is interested, for hubby, he only ate fruits/vegi’s and hardly no grains.. leanest meat ever .. organic if i could find it and afford it (if not, then i rinsed the food extra well) .. his fav was a sprout/avocado sandwich on a 5 grain whole wheat bread that i bought at the local supermarket (they use whole wheat flour and no white/wheat flour; its dark and dense.. sorta like the ezekiel bread u find at the health food stores) ..
    basically the paleo diet . but i did varied his diet a bit bc well i still crave those salts/sugars .. but not by much .. if i made soup i cooked the carcass of a chicken/turkey (like the rest of you do) and add a can of chicken broth (bc of the salt, i do not cook with any salt at all) ..
    i also changed and use sea salt instead of reg salt (walmart now carries their brand of sea salt) .. and etc…
    now for this yr i am really going to start putting more effort into our diet and eat more healthier (i even found my steamer and set it up too) …
    i figure i might not be able to afford the dr’s but i can eat as healthy as possible and lose weight and then alot of my health issues will rebound (even a bit) ..
    i love this site .. thanks for posting this .. 😀

  15. Grizzly bear mom says

    I believe that olden food tasted better because we hadn’t killed off our tastebuds with artificial sugars, flavors and colors. (I gave up sugar about a month ago and am shocked at how strongly just a little bit tastes.) Also, they were actually HUNGRY from having worked, walked, etc. Hunger is the best appetizer. I remember as a kid we ALL got to the dinner table on time or you didn’t get your 35 grams or fried potatoes and had to eat the BIG piece of liver. Today we eat because it’s 6 pm.

    • Jan says

      You are right. Even when we are very hungry from a lot of exercise, we often don’t come home to a hot meal, but eat those little energy bars, or something that was made by companies that cater to athletes. You reminded me that my friend’s German father-in-law used to say, “hunger is the best sauce!” He remained slender and active for over 90 years, because he didn’t acquire bad eating habits. He would have never eaten “because it’s 6 P.M. :-)

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