Christmas Thank You Notes

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Writing notes to thank people for Christmas Gifts

Sending Christmas Thank You Notes

From: Robin Souder

Although Christmas cards are dwindling more with each year,  the acknowledgment and gratitude of a gift is still crucial in our family.  As the Christmas cards come in, I ask the children to pick out their favorite designs. I cut the front from the card and turn it into a postcard for my kids to use as a thank you postcard, a note card, or a gift tag.

As a thank you for a Christmas gift, the front of the card is perfect.  I draw a line down the center of the blank side vertically to resemble a postcard.  I let the child write the thank you message on the left side with the address on the right. Postage for postcards is cheaper than a letter. I know most people will say that an email is even cheaper, but I find that those who send a gift love seeing the handwritten thank you of a child or even an adult for that matter (especially those gift givers who are from an older generation.)

Cherish those who have come before us, as they have enlightened us with the beauty of personality, character and the work of the hands!

Thanks Robin for a great tip and reminder about the importance of Christmas thank you notes. I have to take my hat off to my daughter Tawra in this post because she is one of the best when it comes to writing thank yous and I do appreciate it. She has her kids write a thank you note for every birthday or Christmas gift they get. I think that doing this teaches the kids many things like respect, gratefulness, the importance of doing something that might not be their favorite thing to do but that is important to do anyway in consideration of someone else and much more.

Tawra always sends a thank you note or small gift to someone who does an extra service for her like the trash man or a neighbor. It is truly a good thing to teach our children and a habit some of us adults need to get into.



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    • says

      Bea I didn’t want you to think I have been ignoring you. Sorry I haven’t answered. My computer died on me the week before I went to Tawra’s (almost 3 weeks now) before Christmas and have not been able to get on line or anything. This morning is my first time back so am trying to play catch up.

      I didn’t get your card yet but will thank you any way. You are so good about always sending me a card. Everyone talks about all the awful people in the world but they have not meant most of our readers who can be so kind and sweet. Thanks again.

  1. Bea says

    Tawra, I used your old P.O. Box instead of your new one. Do you think you will still get it? I didn’t know there was a new one.

  2. Bea says

    You’re welcome Jill! I hope they forward it, but I might get it back since you haven’t received it yet, and it’s been about 2 weeks, as far as I remember. I’m so glad your computer is working again!!! Missed your posts. They keep me inspired. You remind me a lot of the adult Laura Ingalls. I found a book called “Little House in the Ozarks” and it’s the writings of the adult Laura when she was married, living on a farm with her husband, and writing columns for farmer’s wives. She had the practical homey wisdom you have, so that’s why you remind me so much of her. Glad you are back!!!

  3. rose says

    jill! .. ur back .. so glad to “see” you here! .. i missed u .. 😀 ..
    i hope u had a wonderful time with the family in colorado! ..
    yep, bea, i agree with u on that .. jill reminds me of laura ingalls wilder too ..
    i love those books (even at my age!) and the shows too ..
    have a safe and warm holiday weekend everyone 😀 😀

  4. Bea says

    Rose, Lots of adults love Laura Ingalls. She experienced many hardships and dealt with them in a good way. Her writings as an adult were inspirtaional, as well as the children’s books. She started writing them when she was 65 years old, which is interesting.

  5. says

    I make my own cards with the fronts of recycled cards. I use a pair of fancy cutting craft scissors to cut around the edges. I glue them with rubber cement onto shiny poster board, heavy construction paper or heavy scrapbook paper so that the paper “frames” the card. I have a collection of envelopes in various sizes. They can be obtained from friends and thrift shops. I also cut out the inside message and glue that onto the card or make something up on the computer. A few sequins can be added here and there if you wish. They turn out beautiful! You can ask for cards from friends if they are just going to throw them out. Saves money over time as your collection grows and they are unique.


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