Save Money On College Textbooks

save money on college textbooks
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Recently, I wrote an article on college loans. Here is one tip about how to save when you’re in college. As soon as school is out, sell your old books. I don’t know why college texts are one thing we want to always cling too. We save them for 20 years or more, move them […]

Teaching Respect To Children

Respect others - clean up after yourself
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Teaching Respect To Children Our lives are made up of so many habits, most of which we don’t even realize we have and, whether they’re good or bad, all habits are very hard to change. I heard a preacher this weekend say if you don’t believe that you are bound by habits and that they […]

Teaching Kids about Money

boy with money
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So many people ask how to teach their kids about money, hoping we can give them a 1-2-3 formula to use that will help their child become a wise caretaker of his money and maybe even a future Bill Gates or Oprah Winfrey. Many parents ask this question because they are terrified that their children […]