Blue Cheese Dip

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Blue Cheese Dip
(Jill’s favorite)

1 stick butter (not margarine), softened
1 (8 oz.) package cream cheese, softened
2 oz. crumbled blue cheese
1/2 small package
(2-3 Tbsp.) slivered almonds, toasted*
2 Tbsp. chopped ripe olives

Mix everything. If you want to make a ball or log then save out the almonds, chill and then roll in almonds. Chill until ready to serve then let it set out to room temperature for best flavor. Serve with veggies or chips.

*To toast your almonds lay them on foil or a pan and heat in a 400° oven until brown. Watch carefully.


Photo By: A writer afoot


    • says

      This is my favorite dip in the whole world. I only make once a year and that is Christmas. Most everyone in my family doesn’t like blue cheese so I am the only one who eats it. I make 1/2 a batch on Christmas. I curl up with it, a bag of chips and a 2liter of Pepsi and dig in. I then make the other 1/2 one week later for New Years and do the same. I would probably weigh 500 lbs and be sicker then a dog if I allowed myself eat it more then once a year.

      Sometimes confession is so good for the soul. :)

  1. Grizzly Bear Mom says

    Other than chocolate, blue cheese it about the only thing you can put on anything and make it taste better!

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