After Easter Sales

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Save Money At After Easter Sales

Save Money At After Easter Sales

Buy Easter baskets and buckets at after Easter sales for:

  • Storing the kids’ toys. They come in different colors and sizes and are perfect to store little toys like hot wheels cars, crayons, markers, dish sets, etc. The Easter baskets and buckets have handles on them so the kids love to carry them from one place to other and makes it easy for them to carry while picking up their toys.
  • The Easter buckets are also great for the kids to use as sandbox buckets.
  • Use the baskets in baby’s room (especially if it is done in pastels) to store socks, shoes, bath items or diaper changing accessories. Again the handle makes it easy to carry from room to room.

Other useful things to buy at after Easter sales:

  • Buy shredded colored Easter grass. It is great to use in place of tissue paper for some things. A good example is stuffing it in the top of gift bags or inside small packages for cushioning.
  • Use egg dyes at different times of the year for festive hard boiled eggs. Use red and blue dyes on your hard boiled eggs for your 4th of July picnic, green for St. Patrick’s Day, red for Valentine’s day, etc.
  • Linens and things. You can get napkins, tablecloths, serving trays and more that can be used in your home or for babies, bridal showers, or little girls’ birthdays.
  • Buy items for baby, birthday, Christmas, or anytime gifts. For example, you can find dog, rabbit or duck washrag puppets or resin knick-knacks of different animals that would be so cute in a baby’s or toddlers room.
  • A lot of young girls have collections of rabbits, ducks and other cute little animals and these would be great for them.

Stuffed animals are especially good things to get at after Easter sales.

  • Besides using them for gifts for babies, young children or teenage girls, you can also use them for the elderly in nursing homes. My children even buy me a stuffed something once in a while–no, I’m not in a nursing home even though they think I’m old enough to be :-).
  • Another great thing to do with the stuffed animals from after Easter sales is to buy a huge bunch of them and take them to your women’s shelter. So many times the women and children there have had to quickly leave their homes, leaving everything behind them, including family pets, favorite toys, dolls and stuffed animals. Sometimes we get so busy comforting their stomachs we forget that their hearts need to be comforted, too.
  • Ask your neighborhood fire or police department if they could use some stuffed animals. Police and firefighters often find themselves in situations with frightened children and sometimes they like to have things like the stuffed animals to give the children. Also, juvenile detention centers and hospitals need so many things for the kids.
  • Last, but not least, children’s homes and churches can always use stuffed animals and other toys.

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  1. Busy Beekeeper Mom says

    We use the plastic bucket easter baskets bought when they are like 10 cents each after easter for gathering eggs from the chickens, others for scraps for the chickens(other years the lids from the ice cream buckets fit them, but this years buckets look small…and with everything reducing package sizes, I would not bet on a match anymore). Anything you need a bucket for. Even old fashioned “bucket lunches” with a ice pack in bottom and whatever you want on top.

  2. barb~ says

    I bought some light turquoise colored candles last yr. from Hobby Lobby at 90% off after Easter…25 cents each. They were all pillar candles of various heights. I have plans to use them this summer outside with shells and other “beach” type items on my picnic table. I use a stiped colored beach towel as a tablecloth. I also just bought some new plastic glasses-same turquoise color for a dollar each at Walmart. I love to have fun on the cheap!

    • Deb R says

      I love that idea. I like to buy tablecloths, guest towels, etc after holidays too. The red candles & linens are perfect for Valentines; the green for St Patrick’s Day; silver and white for weddings or anniversaries, and so on through the year. Plus, you don’t have to wait an entire year to enjoy your brand new goodies!

      • says

        Also I get many of my throw rugs and things like that too after the holidays. Depending on the holiday but I have seen red, green, brown, gold and pastel colors of throw rugs for very little. Now they are starting to have things like kitchen utensils in holiday colors too that you can get for very little after the holiday.

  3. Dorothy Di Santo says

    Good Morning,
    I enjoy your site of many helpful hints and I love these cheap ideas of how to use Easter baskets especially the one for the Women’s shelters and uses in churches.
    I volunteer with the Children’s ministry 2 days a week and its such a joy to spend time with these precious ones and cherish their hugs and just taking my hand to get down on the rug with them and play.
    What a reward!
    Keep your beautiful hints coming,

  4. Denise says

    We headed to bulk foods the night after Easter and Discovered the Easter Candy was clearanced. I went to the bin of peanut butter cups and purchased a pound for about $2.50. My husband bought Jelly Beans for a reduced amount, as well. It pays to buy Easter Candy after Easter because we bought it for nearly half price.

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