Cookie Bowl


  My son sent me this neat idea from – a cookie bowl. Just turn a muffin tin upside down, grease it, press cookies dough around each muffin cup and then bake as usual.  You can fill these with ice cream, pudding, mousse or even fill with candies for the different holidays. Use you […]

Balancing Work, Kids And Home For Moms

single mom working for her children

Balancing Work, Kids And Home The main purpose of this article is to give single moms, working moms or any moms some practical ideas to make it easier to take care of their homes and be available for their children. I have been all of the above including a disabled and work from home mom. […]

Staying at Home is Important

Staying at Home is Important

Staying at Home is Important From: Rachel Jill, I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you posting the story, When Queens Ride By. I have been in school part time, and that has been very stressful. That very morning I received a letter that my unemployment benefits have run out. My first thought […]

Quit your job, stay home and save more money!

pile of money

Just wanted to give a response on the budgeting. I realize that sometimes recording every receipt is a pain, but I found out some interesting things when I actually did it. For 2006 I recorded my husbands and my income to the penny. Then I recorded all the expenses from our bank statements and ATM receipts. Then I recorded any cash receipts (against the cash withdrawn).What we found astounded us. We had spent pretty much my net checks and an extra $6,000 of his checks on unnecessary expenses.