Do Not Be Afraid

Do Not Be Afraid

Fear is the biggest problem that most people deal with. It impacts most of us every day and is one of the biggest causes of money problems. Check out this video that we hope will be an encouragement for dealing with your fear.

Baby’s Crib Sheet and Laundry

Doing less laundry for baby

Baby’s Crib Sheet Saving Tip Linda P. writes: Are you tired of changing the entire bed every time the baby has a ‘leak’? Just put a small waterproof pad on top of the crib sheet and then cover it with a small (home made) fleece blanket. Fleece is easy to use since it wicks away […]

Menu – Hot Dog Pie – Peach Smoothies

Easy Leftover Hot Dog and Hamburger recipes

Leftover Hot Dogs, Hamburgers And Peach Smoothies I’m not sure why but every time we barbecue there are always a few hot dogs and hamburgers left, not to mention leftover baked beans. It’s like a Murphy’s Law of barbecuing. You’ll always have leftovers just like you always have leftovers at Thanksgiving. Unlike Thanksgiving, where you […]