Penny Pinching Mama Winners


  Congratulations to all the winners of Penny Pinching Mama!! Yes, I said ALL the winners!! We had such a huge turn out that we decided to giveaway 5 books instead of one. Here they are! Victoria Vicki Amanda Candi Andrea I have sent you an email so check your spam filter if you didn’t […]

Groceries On A Dime Free Giveaway

Groceries On A Dime e-books

  Groceries On A Dime Free Giveaway   The Groceries On A Dime giveaway has ended. We will be posting the winner here later today.   We are currently having another giveaway for our Pretty For Pennies e-book set (from March 2 to March 3). Be sure and check out the Pretty For Pennies Giveaway […]

How To Make a Microwavable Heating Pad

make a homemade heating pad

Many people think that Dining on a Dime is “just” a cookbook about how to save on food and groceries but what they don’t realize is that it includes big sections full of other things like homemade beauty products, cleaning products and much more. Today I thought I would give you our “recipe” for a […]

Free Giveaway – Penny Pinching Mama


Penny Pinching Mama Free Giveaway   The Penny Pinching Mama giveaway has ended. We will be posting the winner here later today.   We are currently having another giveaway for our Groceries On A Dime e-book set (from February 29th to March 1). Be sure and check out the Groceries On a Dime Giveaway here! […]

15 Year Celebration!!


15 Year Celebration!! Book Giveaways and Big Discounts!  I’m excited to announce that we are having an anniversary here at Living On A Dime and to celebrate, we’re going to be offering big discounts and giving away free stuff!! Over the next four weeks, we’ll be giving away free copies of our popular print books […]

Save Money On College Textbooks

save money on college textbooks

Recently, I wrote an article on college loans. Here is one tip about how to save when you’re in college. As soon as school is out, sell your old books. I don’t know why college texts are one thing we want to always cling too. We save them for 20 years or more, move them […]

Save Money On Laundry And Train Your Kids!

save money washing laundry

Save Money On Laundry From a reader: I didn’t even realize how much laundry I was doing until we started having drain problems. We live in a rural area and the closest town with a laundromat is 45 minutes away. Using a laundromat is not really a feasible option every week, so I purchased a […]

Roomba Review – I’m In Love!


I’m In Love! Boy I bet that title got your attention! I am truly in love with Bob! He has changed my life and I don’t know if I can ever live without him. My life just wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t have him. Ok. before you all think you are about to […]