How To Find The Best Deals

garage sale

From: Misty First, let me say I LOVE your website!!!I use it EVERY DAY! Since you have inspired me to start being more frugal with my money, I search high and low for great deals. I recently started shopping at Garage Sales, Dollar stores, thrift stores, etc., but sometimes I think I am getting a […]

Cake Batter And Oreo Rice Krispy Treats Recipes

homemade rice krispy treats recipe

If your kids love rice krispy treats, try these yummy recipes for a delicious variation! Cake Batter Rice Krispy Treats 6 cups Rice Krispies4 1/2 cups (1 10 oz. bag) marshmallows1/4 cup margarine1/3 cup yellow cake mixsprinkles Melt the marshmallows and margarine. Mix in the cake mix one spoonful at a time. Add Rice Krispies […]

Free Homemade Potpourri

homemade cinnamon orange tea potpourri

I have been buying sweet orange cinnamon tea for a long time. I love the smell of it. One day a few years back I was dumping the tea leaves out and they still smelled so good I really hated trashing them. Then it dawned on me– Why not put them in a pot of […]

Homemade Garden Bench

garden bench

  So I am so excited to get going on my new yard that I am trying to keep myself from going out and start digging in the snow.   Of course, that would be a little hard since the ground is frozen so, to keep myself from going crazy, I’ve been looking all over […]