Teaching Respect To Children

Respect others - clean up after yourself

Teaching Respect To Children Our lives are made up of so many habits, most of which we don’t even realize we have and, whether they’re good or bad, all habits are very hard to change. I heard a preacher this weekend say if you don’t believe that you are bound by habits and that they […]

How To Have A Family Dinner With Kids

how to have a family dinner

How To Have A Family Dinner With Kids From: Kelly I have been a reader for years now, and treasure your tips on living together simply as a family. I was wondering if you can offer some tips on *how* to have a family dinner? My husband and I are parents to a young toddler, […]

Simple Living In The Old Days?

Simpler times weren't always easy

Simple Living In The Old Days? Not long ago, we included a post about how the older generations lived. We often talk about going back to simpler times. Each person has his or her own reasons for thinking we should – to save the environment, save money, have a more peaceful life or a better […]

Adult Child Living at Home But Not Working

grown adult living at home with mom work or play

What do I do About the Adult Child Living In My Home? A reader recently wrote asking: What should you do when you have a 20 something person laying on your couch all day long, eating your food and not lifting a finger to do anything. The person is not working or looking for a […]

Yes, No, Wait

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Today’s Quote Of The Day:   Ever wonder why it seems like God doesn’t answer our prayers? In one of her books, Grace Livingston Hill once said, "God has different ways of answering prayer. The lowest answer is "Yes" the next higher is "Wait" and God gives that to those He can trust more. Sometimes […]